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  1. Expressed do make a full one 

    as said not cheap and upto 3 months wait

    ive only seen few on the bay over the last 10 years or so boot repairs last set on bay made 100 pound a side properly the only set in the last couple of years 


  2. I love them myself very period 

    Halfords special parts or side street car shops ,pin stripes aerials spotlights 

    center consoles Turtle air fresheners

    traffic lights to !!

    You could park up and plenty would take notice of your car because loads was doing it !!

    now a stock beige L  that’s another story 

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  3. I wouldn't bother, you'd have to sell your house if you want to buy anything off him :thumbdown:
    Supply and demand ,if you can't find you have to pay more .

    I bought a rear n/s quarter for my 2dr mk3 off him yes I paid a lot for it ,but I have never seen one for sale and express don't list it

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