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  1. mk5 estate or salon wanted must have mot as im from northern ireland and need to be able to drive it back willing to spend up to £800.00 if anyone has anything let me no please also the closer to the docks the better :thumbup: chris
  2. hi are u actually going to rally this mk3 ? chris
  3. hi dont mean to be thran but id have started with a better shell :sofa: if you know what i maen :unsure: chris
  4. hi this is going to be good you are a brave man i wish i had the readys and the time to do this well done to you and keep it up great to c someone doing something different hats off :thumbup: :thumbup: chris
  5. hi well said :thumbup: chris
  6. hi the axle is the standard 1.6 axle not an atlas the donute from memory had 6 bolts in it 3 holding the donute to the prop and the other 3 holding the donute to the spline part that slides into the gearbox hope this is of help :thumbup: cheers chris
  7. hi i am in norhtern ireland if you would be able to get us a price including postage to bt42 3hz that would be great is the front part of the 1.6 prop with the rubber donut in it interchangable to the 2.0 front prop. cheers chris
  8. hi i am about to start fitting a type 9 to my mk5 cortina that is fitted with a 1.6 pinto have everthing apart from the prop can anyone help or have any advice the prop i have is a standard 1.6 prop. cheers chris
  9. chris1800

    mk5 gl

    hi sorry to dissapoint but did not take any pics when doing the resto only just got camera :closedeyes: but heres a list of what its had right body wise. 2 new front wings one rear door ends of both sills rear valence new boot patches in boot flared wheel arches change of colour from silver to white dont like silver :thumbup: the car was in very good condition the a pillars and floors are like new was very lucky the car only had 30000 miles on it when i started nearly for got it used to be an auto. now is a 1.6 with manual box handy for insurance i restored the car myself did all the welding myself and a full respray in my garage have to keep the cost down :thumbup: . the car has had the rear end fully polybushed also had compleatly new fuel and ignition system including new carb aslo had head reconed. also added the 7x3 minilite as i think they suit the car that is why the arches are flared :rolleyes: the interior has an after market steering wheel and the rest of the interior is a mix of crusader seats and carpet and gl door cards but i think it works. :showoff: this car is by no means a concors queen it is used every day come rain snow or sun after all ford made them to be used.
  10. chris1800

    mk5 gl

    heres my mk5 gl been through quite alot with this car heres a few pics to start with :thumbup: having a bit of trouble with the pic upload :smashcomp: but this will do for now will add more of what has been done to the car later.
  11. hi put the rack and pump on ebay yesterday and yes there is a nuckle on it not going to take it off ebay as going to give everone a fair chance bid away :thumbup: postage will be next day. regards chris
  12. hi only have the power steering rack and pump left looking £80.00 posted for these parts if you want send us your email address and we will send you an invoice through paypal. ALL OTHER PARTS ARE NOW SOLD
  13. hi radiator is now sold. sorry chris
  14. hi engine mounts and gearbox mounts are now sold. sorry chris
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