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  1. richl656

    Mk2 fuel tank

    Hiya, I know this is a long shot but has anyone got a spare or know of where I can get my hands on a fuel tank for a Cortina Mk2? Cheers Rich
  2. richl656


    Hiya, Thanks for the info, unfortunately that still works out expensive buying your seats and then the runners and I have still got to cover them. I know they are getting rarer and prices will keep getting higher, but will keep my eyes peeled. cheers anyway. Rich
  3. richl656


    Hiya, oooooo very nice, good for you. Just unfortunately out of my price range, as I was thinking they would need recovering, so would end up just to much!! But glad you were happy, with that result. I know the series 2 seats will fit, but unfortunately only see 1600e series 2 and they all the rounded ones, not the square ones!! I will keep my eyes peeled. cheers Rich
  4. richl656


    Thanks for the reply. I have seen a pair on ebay and they are asking £250 as starting bid!! I was bidding on a complete set the other month and they ended up going for over £330, but then having to recover them, costing a fortune!!!!!!!
  5. richl656


    Hiya, I am looking for a MK2 Cortina series 1 pair of front seats which are on runners. Can anyone help???? Cheers Rich
  6. Hiya, Can you tell me if the front seats are on runners or are they the fixed bar version? Is it a series 1 or 2? Any chance of sending photos of the front seats? to richl656@live.co.uk Cheers Rich
  7. richl656


    Hiya, I am after a pair of front seats for MK2, I have my original seats but they are the fixed ones and I am after ones on runners, namely ones out of a 1600E, Super or Lotus. If anyone has got any please give me a shout and send photos if poss. Cheers Rich richl656@live.co.uk
  8. Is there any chance you could send me some photos to my email account? Rich
  9. Hiya, Wondering what front seats you have? I am looking for some that are on runners not the fixed crossed bar types. The runner types come out of Supers, Lotus or some 1600E's as far as I know. If possible could you send me photos, my email address is richl656@live.co.uk Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Rich
  10. Hiya from UK, You may like to try the Cortina MK2 owners club, I bought a boot mat from them. Rod Smith is the spares guru for the club. www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk Hope this helps Kind regards Rich
  11. Hiya Cliff, Sorry to muck you around, I was wondering if it would be possible to drive up to you next Saturday 11th April then I will pick all 4 up? If you send me your phone number I will give you a ring to sort things out if ok? Cheers Rich
  12. Hiya Cliff, Thank you for the reply, would you be able to find out how much it would cost to post or courier? I live near Ashford in Kent. I would only be interested in the top pair (in the photo) please. Thanks Rich
  13. Hiya, Where about are you in the country? and is it £40 for all 4 springs? Kind regards Rich
  14. richl656


    Hiya, I am trying to find a drop glass for drivers door for a 4 door MK2 Cortina if anyone has one, or even a complete door for sale? Look forward to hearing from someone. Cheers Rich
  15. Hi Brendan, Thanks for the reply I actually live in Bethersden (small world)I was able to get one through LCP in Ashford, by doing an exchange. Cheers once again Rich
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