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  1. Hi, where abouts are you ? Can you send a pic of the dented one, is it repairable do you know ? I am based in Leeds If you could PM me please 🙂 Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi Ken, did you have chance to have a look to see if you have any doors in your workshop? Cheers, Paul
  3. Great stuff ! Thanks 😀
  4. Both sides please 😀
  5. Hi there, If anyone has a pair or even one rear door for a mk 3 cortina saloon up for grabs please let me know. I am based in leeds. I have been told estate ones can be converted so happy with those too. Not bothered about glass or trim as it's to replace an existing beyond repair door on the car. Cheers, Paul
  6. They are kind of a light beige colour Cheers, Paul.
  7. Thanks, if you can let me know :-) Cheers, Paul.
  8. Hi, Looking for a drivers side sun visor for a 1975 mk 3 2000E the small plastic Fittings/brackets have snapped on mine, tried to super glue them with no success :-( Sun getting low now, so if any one has one that would be great :-) Cheers, Paul.
  9. Bump ! Still looking for 2000E tan cloth, desperately ! Cheers, Paul.
  10. Hi, thanks for that, sadly it's not the same stuff. My search continues ! Anyone else can help ? Cheers, Paul.
  11. Hi there, Sorry to bother you again, but have you had chance to get the photos for the material, it's just my seats are at the upholsterers at the moment. Cheers, Paul.
  12. Hi there, could be interested in the tan cloth, is it the stuff that's in the 2000E, could you PM me a picture please ? Cheers, Paul.
  13. Bump ! Still looking ! Any help would be gladly appreciated ! Cheers, Paul.
  14. Hi, A while back i managed to get hold of some material to cover the top of my back seat off here. The upholsterer started doing the work, but the most of the existing material just disintegrated, and now i do not have enough, so am left with a half covered seat so am totally stuck !!!! its a tan sort of cord material the standard 2000E thing.if you have any spare, or an old seat that can be stripped, or let us know where you can get it new it would be fantastic ! Any help would be so gladly appreciated. Cheers, Paul.
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