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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a MK3 drivers side front door for sale ? Just need the door as i have the glass, trim, handle etc ! Also looking for an inner A panel for the drivers side too ! If anyone has these items or can point me in the right direction that would be great ! Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a drivers front door for sale for a mk3? Near Leeds Don't need glass or door card as will 're use mine. It's for a 2000E Cheers Paul
  3. Hi, My car will be going in for a much overdue resto. Its a MK3 2000E in copper bronze with a biege interior. I am sure the headlining will have to be removed. Is it possible to do this without wrecking it ? It in really good condtition so would like to reuse it if possible. Another thing, i can seem to find a like for like replacement, its a kind of biege/sand colour (not aged/discoloured white) all i can find is white or putty, is it still available in beige from anywhere ? Thanks for any help :-) Cheers, Paul.
  4. Cheers Craig, all fitted and working now. The hole in the inner wing made it a lot easier 🤣
  5. Hi Rob, Looking at it, i need just over 12" (300mm) from the front within the yellow line, see rough sketch below. i dont need the chasis rail. On second picture, every thing left of the red line seems a bit thin, getting worse towards the top left corner. Cheers, Paul.
  6. Cheers Craig, i will send you an email :-)
  7. Hi, Thanks, i reckon about this much circled in yellow (maybe less) i will go measure later today Cheers, Paul
  8. Hi All, Looking for a drivers side indicator please, just the unit bit as mine fell apart when removing it. Only need the bit circled in blue, i have the lens and outer cover etc. They all seem at stupid prices on ebay etc Cheers, Paul.
  9. Thanks, i will get back to you. I am in Leeds, would you be able to send it, i am in no real hurry as cars getting restored next year as trying to get a many parts before hand. Sadly i am no expert in welding so don't know how easy it is the knock up a panel from scratch as mentioned earlier in this thread. Cheers, Paul.
  10. Thanks, thats great ! This looks like it could be really useful. I will have a better look tomorrow on my PC as only on phone at mo. Where abouts are you please ? Cheers Paul
  11. Is it possible to get repair panels for the inner wing of a mk3 ? Been prodding (always a bad idea !) And there is a huge hole in the side from washer bottle to headlight. You can put your hand through from engine compartment to the back of indicator . Is this terminal do you think. Attached best photos I could get Cheers Paul
  12. About 6 years ago i hunted high and low for this material without success :-( Even visited loads of old mills in Bradford to see if they had similar material, had loads of contacts but nothing came back. The nearest they found was a narrow pinstripe Bedford cord. In the end i managed to get hold of some old beyond repair seat covers and salvaged bits of material off them and a good old school car trimmers to stitch them in. Cheers, Paul Looked at the Kent trimmers, looking close up their door cards look like vinyl on the upper section ( i maybe wrong, just zoomed in very close)
  13. Hi all, Maybe a long shot Has anyone got a MK3 wing for Sale, (pattern or original) please, at reasonable price Within an hour or so of Leeds and i will be happy to collect. Any help would be gladly received Thanks, Paul.
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