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  1. unlikely that ford prototype is living in russia...
  2. hello! could somebody identify the Ford was found in SPb Russia? russian collegues make disicion that it is some hand made vehicle with ford's label others are thinking that it is some French Ford :) help us! our discussion
  3. you've already registered. so you can log-in but... i affraid it will be very hard to make discussions because our forum is not translated to English:(
  4. AutoFive, "ispolzuyetsya" means "is used" :lol:)
  5. AutoFive, you should fill email area by proper address (example: nn@nn.nn
  6. sorry all English men! we didn't think to translate our site for other languages:( because we don't have resources enough to support it - our site lives only by enthusiasm and it completely isn't commersial. but you can ask me directly about anything by email for example:) about ford in russia: ford started selling vehicales in russia a few years ago but it is not usual for common citizen to buy new auto:) we are often use used machines and happy! so all our fords were bought in Germany or Belgium and after one or more owners in fatherland were reselled to Russia in '90th. cars we have were used also in Russia by several owners before we buy it... it is very hard situation conditioned by our local laws and so on... our goverment tries to improve russian automotive plants... without success yet:) however we love ford! I have Granada '81 GL V6 2.3 and Mondeo '94 GLX 2.0 :lol:
  7. yes. thanks. I've already answered in necroford...
  8. only one Cortina I know that visiting our site. so in Russia we're using right-side vehicle trafic. it is the reason why Cortina is not very popular in our country... as I know it is UK Ford. but we are fans of Taunus, Granada and Capri. our forum is open for people who love to drive and repair or restore rusty Fords and other evropean vehicals our necroFords
  9. hi! God answered he said nothing about his Cortina in this topic :) but he is able to provide any information about it. if you have any questions about our necro-fords or ford in Russia or something else feel free to ask us in English! we're happy meeting new friends who have Fords:)
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