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  1. I got my clear front ones from old parts store but they didn't last long and started going yellow. I got tinted rears from burtons
  2. They're not soft lines-they're either Capri brook lands or the RS 7x15 from the Sierra RS catalogue. Soft lines don't have the rim lip
  3. I had them all round on a 2dr mk5 and it was lowered 2". The only issue I had was when parking-steering was heavy. Incidently 205/60/13 are slightly to wide for the laser wheels but do look the borrocks!!!
  4. I had Capri injection Rs 7 stars on a mk3 and they sat in the arches(but only just on front). 8.5 x17 might be to wide and I found Front wheel drive offset suits best-I had rs500 cosworth cossie wheels on my mk5 and to stop tram lining I fitted 195/50/15 tyres instead of 205's. Plus unless you've got power steering or large arms it'll be a pig to park!!
  5. I remember visiting Mr Taylor when he originally built this car-it still looks good after all the years have passed!!!
  6. ive never heard of a factory fit/option for electric windows on mk5 cortinas. When iv fitted them I use mk5/6/7 escort items as they mount on rubber bushes and were easy to fit!!!
  7. Looks rather nice. I'd refurb the laser wheels and fit them with the tyres from the Capri 7 spokes as I also like the chunky tyre look on 13" wheels
  8. I was given a mk5 2dr x disability cortina in payment for fitting a clutch in the fella's mk3-I didn't fit the clutch as I was owed a favour by a mate so I had him fit it!!!!
  9. I had a 79(t) mk4 2.0 ghia auto in Jupiter with black interior and a 79(v) mk4 2.3 ghia manual in Jupiter with beige trim and a mk4 gl estate in Jupiter with black trim
  10. I used to be a recovery driver(wreck truck)and then used me month and year ov birth-wreckers771
  11. I saw this car completed running and driving in Steve workshop and thought it was a great project. The thing with old cars and modern running gear is that u will always get problems that need sorting and everyone done things differently which is then described as re-doing somebody else's bodge!!!
  12. This might be a daft question but why are some of the plates on twice???
  13. Cortina's of any mark were designed to carry 5 people( driver and 4 passengers). A cortina saloon fitted rear arm rests were designed to carry 2 people in the rear with a certain level of comfort(ie more room)and 3 people when needed. I had my 4 kids on the back seat of my mk3 gt(facelift) and was pulled over by pc plod who said that my rear seat was over crowded-he let me carry on my journey tho!!!!!
  14. I always de badge my cars as I find they tend to rip my sponge as I wash the car!!!!!!!!
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