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  1. Hi, I'm after a pair of V6 (cologne) engine mounts, anyone got any for sale?. cheers
  2. hi mate, I've got a Weber twin 40 set up for a pinto i'm going to remove from mine very shortly. Carbs were overhauled this year and come with the pinto manifold, linkage and twin cables, all ready to bolt on and play! I'm looking for around £330 for the whole set up, let me know what you think. Can be heard running on the car at the moment. I'm located in Essex.
  3. So, got my propshaft and I can now get my mk3 back together. Thanks Nigel for coming to the rescue, he really is the man for anything Cortina! even (shhhh) mk3s lol....
  4. Hi all. I'm connecting up the oil pressure gauge in the four clock console pod on my mk3 and was hoping someone could either post some snaps or give me an idea of where the pipe runs on a GT / GXL? I would like to try and use the route Ford intended from the engine to the gauge rather than just drill a random hole and strap it up to suit. I just want it to look right! cheers
  5. Hi, anyone got a 2 piece prop for sale? its to go into a 2.0 type 9, needs to be a 25 spline. Cheers
  6. Jeeez!! that sounds scary. I will never buy one of those again!
  7. Today is a good day!

  8. Today is a good day!

  9. Today is a good day!

  10. hi all, an update on this and its good news! after re-routing the fuel pipe to the front as per the early models the problem was still there. :headscratch: it became very apparent that the problem was fuel delivey related so i started again with the fuel system with the tank out again, blow through the petrol pipes and proved the petrol pump. These were all still ok with no blockages and delivering petrol ok. Almost by fluke i changed the petrol filter (one of those plastic things) that i had bought new. I swapped this out for a small glass FilterKing unit and since then she has behaved! :thumbup: Done about 60 miles now without any hiccups so i think i can safely assume that the 'new' filter was probably at fault all along which is really frustrating :thumbdown: A lesson learned there for me, dont buy the crappy plastic in line filter! At least now i can start building some trust in her and concentrate on the bodywork for this year isntead of worrying about the next breakdown. Thanks to everyone for the advice given, it is appreciated :D i can get some miles under my belt now......... :car:
  11. hi guys, thanks for all your advice. it is really appreciated but despite trying most of these ideas she still has a problem. :headscratch: The only thing i havent changed is the exhaust, it runs too well (other than the breakdowns of course)for me to believe its blocked or restricted in any way. However, i have uncovered the old girl today and taken a look with a fresh perspective. She's running a four branch exhaust and it gets very hot in the local area and guess whats about 2-3 inches away? The rubber petrol hose! By my reckoning if this rubber hose gets so warm from the local exhaust heat then it collapses on itself due to the combination of soft rubber and being under vacuum due to the fuel pump sucking away. Just to muddy the waters a bit, she used to be a x-flow and now a pinto so the fuel pump is on the other side which means the petrol pipe runs up the o/s inner wing (standard) comes into the engine bay above the wishbone (close to the exhaust) and is then strapped to the cross member starting at the top and then follows the route round the back under the engine and then up to the pump. This is my first pinto mk3 and i know the set up is different on the 4 and 5 with the return pipe. From memory of mates mk3 pintos back in the day, pinto powered mk3's had the petrol pipe run further to the front of the o/s inner wing and then pass along the front of the cross member and then back down the n/s inner wing to the pump. Can anyone confirm this? I really do now think this may be my problem! As always, advice is much appreciated. :thumbup:
  12. Cheers guys, :thumbup: appreciate these little nuggets of advice which i'll try and see what effect it has. I'll keep you posted
  13. hi all, really need some advice on a problem ive got with my mk3 2.0 pinto. :headscratch: She had been standing for a while (i reckon about two years) before i got her. She's now back on the road but since then everytime i go out i get anything from 2 - 10 miles and she starts to lose power, splutters and kangaroos as if its running out of fuel. While its doing this you can rev it but it wont hold the revs. Eventually it loses so much power it stalls. And then it will fire up and repeat the whole experience again! She used to run very hot and i intially thought that there was a problem with fuel evaparation. Ive put a new rad in and changed the head gasket, she runs a lot cooler but the problem still persists. it is getting very frustrating as i cant plan any decent runs out and i cant trust the old girl. I've had lots of good advice for things to do or look for and so far i have done the following; dumped the points and now running Motorcraft elec dizzy and module, three different carbs, fuel pump, checked the push rod and cam for the pump, replaced all fuel lines, had the tank out and checked for crap (nothing in there), run it with the petrol cap off, new in line filter, made good all the previous owners wiring connections, three different coils, checked all multi plugs and connections on the loom are good, timing spot on, new leads and new spark plugs. She doesnt have a ballast wire either and has the correct 12v coil to suit. I would appreciate any advice or ideas on where to go now. It would be a lot easier if she just stopped running completly. At least then i can do some proper fault finding rather than trying to second guess an intermittent fault. :tears: She will tick over on my drive lovely for ages, it only seems that once its out on the road the problem becomes apparent. The only thing that does seem odd is the fuel filter isnt always full but if you pull the fuel line off the carb it is pressurised (ive had the pleasure off a face full of petrol to prove it!) and the carb has petrol in it. cheers guys
  14. Thanks Tinman. Yes, all done outside on a wing and a prayer! Couple of wet days but easy to work round that with a shelter, just like Tibbs!
  15. Cheers guys, thanks for all your comments. Its been a hard slog but certainly worth it by the reaction she gets. I'll try and answer a few of the questions posted; It is lowered but not sure how much, was like this when i bought it. Its bloody low and ive been caught out a few times on speed bumps and uneven roads! The wheels are 5.5j sport wheels and i think they fit the period just right :) The little plate next to the VIN tag is a plate that says ' Assembled in the Netherlands from parts supplied by the United Kingdom'. A friend of mine tells me that due to the production issues in Dagenham at the time, a lot of Mk3s where KD kits and assembled elsewhere and then sold back in the UK market. I believe this car is familiar to some of the BSC guys, i think at one time it belonged to a guy on here, Dick Dastadly? If any one has any history on the old girl i would really appreciate it :thumbup:
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