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  1. Not original paint but done 20 yrs ago and looks really well
  2. Thanks. I look forward to opening her up and having a look around. Maybe waire until winter
  3. Just finished a service, all oils changed including gearbox a d diff. Drives really well, no rust and hs a service book showing the body rust protection carried out every few years in finland
  4. Thanks Steve, I will have a look but seems probably need to do a full job, any recommendations in the essex area.
  5. Don’t seem to be smoking so maybe stem seals are ok, I suppose only way to check is head off and check bores, are bores always worn to oval or is it possible I could get away with honing and new rings
  6. I will do a compression test to find out , I have cleaned the Pcv valve, if I take dip stick out and rev engine quite hard oil will come out of dip stick hole but doesn’t with dipstick in place, valve stem seals would not cause heavy breathing I thought !, or should I change then as a precaution as been standing for a long time. thanks, alan
  7. My recently aquired 1970 1600 deluxe despite sounding good and pulling well, 94k original miles, us breathing heavily from oil filler , it has been sat for quite a few years , do you think it may be glazed and i could get away with changing rings , ends and honing, also oil light takes a moment longer to go out on first start up than i would like, 2 to 3 seconds, goes out straight away on start ups when warm.
  8. I got my car today, just going through a few things and will get some pictures on in next few days but I do need some parts would you know where to get a carb gasket kit as it’s leaking ,not the twin choke Webber..and coolant hoses, thanks. Alan
  9. Just had a look, great shell , was you involved in bringing it back from usa or did you get it in uk. My car is also a 2 door but only a 1600 delux.
  10. Hello Mike. What have you got and where is it from
  11. Thanks for reply, will post picture when it arrives
  12. Hello. i am probably buying a 1970 mk2 originally sold in Finland, would the car have been made in uk or were any made elsewhere , also it is a deluxe model but has the reinforced strut plates , is this normal for export cars, thanks. Alan
  13. Turns out that end of crank was machined for larger brass bush with larger centre hole so shaft did not fit, Thanks to Steve Taylor who dropped all his other work to machine new brass bush to fit larger hole in end of crank with hole in centre of bush to receive standard type pilot bearing, all works as it should now. Alan
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