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  1. I have never heard so many feeble excuses in my life glad I am only 74 and hope I can go again in 2022 you will have 5 years to sort your cars out or maybe take them on a trailer. We set off Saturday. I will post photos on facebook.
  2. RONV

    64 gt handbrake

    it looks like he wants old cheap parts not Deville high price parts
  3. RONV

    64 gt handbrake

    it must be a KIT CAR made from every ones bits and pieces, a pile of bits and hopefully a MK 1 GT that maybe worth some thing in the end.
  4. and I want one for my MK1 CRAYFORD to extend it,s range I will have to keep looking
  5. Hi Dave, your right our next trip starting on 1st of May our 7 hotels range from £45 to £55 a night and they are not flee pits we book them with Booking.com and all have safe and secure parking its easy to choose them with parking and near to center of town so you have up to £50 pounds for meals we don't get in to late around 1400 so we can look around and pick a place to eat if not at the hotel. Ron.
  6. Hi Dave, I think £100 a day is about right with meals we never have breakfast on our trips at the hotels when you have had a good meal in the evening and a few drinks, we set off and drive for about 2 to 3 hours or so and then stop for a comfort break ie loo and a coffee and croissant in a café or tabac and then off again its worked well for the past 20 years or so but we don't use motorways and drive through the villages and only drive about 160 miles in a day so you see France and not just drive through it. Ron.
  7. Hi Terry, we will be passing through Saintes on 5th of May on our way down and again on 8th of May on our return, we must have seen you in at Angouleme in September at the Remparts we enter Concours on Friday night then around the pits on Sunday our Champ de Mars. Ron.
  8. Hi Terry, I am coming to France on 1st of May with one but its in my MK1 Crayford so I will have to keep my eye on it were about are you we are going to Arcachon with the French Capri Club. Ron.
  9. Hi, try Tom at teamdeville 07748 780 771 he is always very helpful. Ron.
  10. RONV

    MK1 boot lock assembly

    Hi Dave, thanks I will take it off today and give it a good course of looking at to see what's missing. Ron.
  11. Hi, I need a MK1 boot lock assembly as mine fell apart in France last week, I managed a temporary repair to get home. Thanks Ron.
  12. both of mine are plastic and you only see them when its raining but they keep the rain out. Ron.
  13. Hi, PM Captain Crayford on here he is from the Gold Coast in Aus he will know. Ron.
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