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  1. Thanks hope you are keeping well and safe as we are here in Blackpool if it's on we may use the route from 2017 as it's on the map and it was a good run I will keep watching for details.
  2. Anybody planning for the 60th anniversary to Cortina d'Ampezzo next September yet we hope to if Covid is safe
  3. I think there are only 16 MK1 Cortina's Crayfords left according to the club this is mine but not for sale sorry
  4. I have 4 cars insured with Hagerty just ask for a quote on line or check their valuation page just tell them that your a member of a club
  5. I would check the small hose that comes off the feed pipe at the sender unit on the tank I had a problem in France and the hose had melted inside blocking the fuel from coming out we put it down to the methanol in the fuel it had also melted the pump diaphragm
  6. I think it's because people who want to buy it off you only want it to sell on to make some money , I have an A40 Farina Rally Car but only had it for 6 years its not been out for 3 years
  7. KJO 25 years , UGT 23 years photo by Mick L the chap on the right was at the ford day in Blackpool with Mick L and he owned it before the lad I bought it off and sold it to him he was very happy to see it again
  8. that's why we go twice a year it's a different world when you cross the water roll on May 25th 2019
  9. MOT tomorrow as I want to keep records of them for cars history and in France Control Technique is a instant on the spot fine if it has run out and with BREXIT and re-moaners who knows what will happen
  10. Hi Dave ,I have taken the wire wheels off and fitted my steelies on and wheel discs for a run out Sunday up to the lakes to check the car out and for Audrey to get used to navigating again ready for France in September hope the weather is OK
  11. get a quote from BIG RED then send them and you know they will be right then use your car with confidence
  12. I have 3 on SORN are they are all insured with Hagerty and they have been for 3 years
  13. I am getting my MK1 Crayford ready for France we sail out on the 6th of May for our 2 week tour just hope the weather is better by then but on our last trip in Sept/Oct we only had the hood up twice in 2 weeks
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