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  1. Just a little update. I have nearly finished the interior, just the front seats to put back.. She now has a heater and is fully sound deadened with DynoMat... and has glass all round now.. I have also put a two piece prop shaft on the car as I had some vibration at high speed so that should cure it. I will put some more pictures on when shes done..
  2. Thanks Pete, It will be in Classic Ford's December issue so there should be plenty of pictures in its race guise. I have been busy with putting in the interior, just finished the headliner (not an easy job). and I also fitted a two piece prop with a centre bearing. Will upload some pictures of the changes I have made over the weekend.
  3. Does anyone have the headlining rod nylon fixings, these are the ones that fit to the front and rear rods (thicker ones) and I think they are like a dog leg tube. I am working from memory here so it would be good if someone has a picture. Many thanks..
  4. Hi, do you any of these bits.. Heater trunking full set Spare wheel clamp Front door rear window channels (both sides) front door bump stops x2 You probably selling the heater complete but im after all four knobs, fan switch and fan resistor.. many thanks, Dave.
  5. Well after driving the car for a couple of hundred miles now I've come to the conclusion its too noisy, maybe I'm getting old but it definitely needs to be a bit more civil. So I'm going to put an interior into the car and proper glass and heater, it will still retain the race seats with no rear seat and roll cage. First thing that's been ordered is a set of door cards from Aldridge Trimmers, I also have a carpet set coming (hessian backed type) with an extra meter off the roll so I can make up a section to cover up where the rear seat was. Next will be a new headlining (White Lodestar) this will allow me to Dynomat the roof panel, also while this is being done I can pop the windows out and replace with new glass. After that sound deadening behind the dash and refit the heater. It will be all done tastefully and in keeping with the general theme of a race car. On another note the photography is being done this weekend for Classic Ford Magazine so it will be recorded in its first incarnation. While I'm on here, does anyone have a set of headlining rods? as I cant find the old ones from my car, think they got chucked out by mistake, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated...
  6. Just an update to show I'm still alive... Changed the diff for the new 3.6:1 what a difference, nice and torquey through the gearbox now. Gearbox tunnel cover done as well, trouble is the leather is such good quality it shows up the seats now, will probably get them covered in the same leather. Job for the winter. I'm finding it hard to go to any shows at the moment, my boy is at an age where he cant ride in the car and the wife is finding places to go at the weekends. Got myself a four day pass to go to the NSRA Supernats so not all is lost., and as Retro Ford are not far away I'm going to see Dave on the Thursday morning. Changed my job again, restoration doesn't pay much so I'm working on new cars again, this time Hire cars, its very local and pays a lot more. and to be honest I prefer to keep restoration as a hobby. And as its a short journey to work I've bought another of my favourite classic cars, 1972 Hillman Imp, it was bog standard but they have to be lowered so put a set of steels with hubcaps and lowered Monte Carlo Springs, great little car and cheap to run. Here are some pictures, will keep updating.
  7. Car passed its MOT today, thanks Tim... Sorry about the video, phone decided to stop recording for some reason, so spent a fair bit of time filming for nothing, swear these iPhones are designed to play up after a certain time so you buy a new one.. I have a couple of annoying rattles to sort out and I have to change the diff ratio from a 4.1:1 to the 3.6:1 as its too quick through the gears.. job for later. https://youtu.be/Kol5YwBpfSA Sorry about link... search Cortina GT MOT time...
  8. If anyone is interested, I'm selling my dolly and roll over rotisserie, price is £50 each. PM me if you wold like them. The dolly does unbolt so you can get it in a car with the seats down, also the rear mounts utilise the GT radius arms bracketry but it wouldn't be hard to make new mounts for a standard car. MOT tomorrow as my friend was ill last week so should be able to tax it too.
  9. Not sure, but I know it was a proper FIA roll cage until they changed the rules and stipulated that they had to be fully welded in...
  10. Took her fro the test drive this morning and all was well, drives like a dream and very quick although I didn't go too mad.. Here's a couple of links to YouTube, sorry about the camera angles wife struggles with mobile phones.. https://youtu.be/8bfevAxOILzM Sorry cant get the second link to work but if you put in search Mk1 Cortina returns from test drive you should find it...
  11. Driveshaft's arrived today, very well made, mind you for £400 they needed to be. Decided to paint them in a nice gold colour, the reason is that when I worked at McLaren all the road cars and F1 cars driveshaft's were painted gold, it just made them look special. Going to give the car a road test on Saturday and I will get the wife to video car driving past the house, so should be able to put a link on here so you can view it.. Wont be long....happy days!
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