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    New fuel ?

    Hi is it right that they are going to increase the ethanol level in petrol to 10 from September ? if so is there anything on the market we can add to the tank to counter the effects this increase will have on our fuel systems and what effect will this increase have on the performance of the engine ? they are saying over 600.000 cars will be effected
  2. Ok thanks for the info I suspect this is what has already happened hence the leak
  3. Hi the clutch slave cylinder has stared leaking on my mk1 Cortina and I suspect it might have been caused by using the wrong hydraulic fluid attacking the seals. I am going to fix the problem but I want to make sure I use the correct fluid when I refill the system. I cant find any info anywhere on which one to use. Anyone know the answer to this? cheers Alan
  4. Hi Tony can you supply the senders as well if so how much for the complete packed
  5. Hi GO my name is alan and I live in Sutton Surrey and ron told me about your trip to Cortina next September and it sounds like a good shindig and i am realy interested in joining you lot if thats ok. Myself and the wife have just booked up for the Laon rally next may so I have the winter to get the car ready.Its a 65 1500 deluxe and i just have to sort out a few nigly things before i can take her out again regards Alan
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