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  1. In great condition, full chrome please :)
  2. The boot and lower front wing dadges, it seems that my cat would have been fitted with the black with silver script type, and, not the cheeta head type? It's a 68 car. I own OUA 411F if you know it 🙂
  3. I'm looking for some parts for my Series1 Savage 🙂 Rear seat. Parcel shelf. Savage badges???
  4. As simple as that, WHY?
  5. Can you send me some photos? legacywr@live.co.uk
  6. Wanted, again! 😁
  7. Must be in a good solid condition, not too worried about the paint though!
  8. I am still looking for some of these badges!? I have also wondered about getting some made, if someone could lend me one as a pattern!? I would leave you a deposit! :)
  9. I'm hoping I may be sorted, so if anyone wants to jump in on the offers I've had, no problems! :)
  10. I need an indicator switch, and a wiper switch for a series 1 Mk2 Cortina! :)
  11. legacywr


    Any idea what you want for these wheels?
  12. Are they originals? And, where did you find them?
  13. I know it's a long shot, but I will pay good money for a set or individually! Or copies! WHY?
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