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  1. never gave a capri a thought mine is a facelift 74 thanks
  2. looking for a rev counter for a mk3 v6 south african car also think a mk2 granada fits
  3. any body got a set of 185 70 13 tyres they want to sell matched set prefered
  4. yes talking to him yesterday its not getting used so said hell let it go
  5. contact peter cortina city he is going to sell his green cortina gxl hes owned it about 20 years
  6. what did u do brush paint it or use a roller
  7. i.m waiting for u to buy a diesel mk2 estate so i can have a laugh
  8. only if i can find some ladders and a bucket to hang on the back
  9. you look good in this almost got a roof rack
  10. my old car i restored this 6 years ago is a super gt export model engine is non original as it was missing when i bought it
  11. its under a full restoration at this time
  12. express don't do front floor pans the front floor is part of the bulkhead
  13. express floor pans finnish under the front seats at the front just fitted them in my mk1 estate
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