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  1. dunnie

    coil restitor

    top bloke ill get a block from a transit cheers for the help
  2. dunnie

    coil restitor

    hi yeah im running a whole new loom from scratch yes that helps a whole lot cheers only 1 more have i got to use the whole lenght or can i cut it down
  3. dunnie

    coil restitor

    im running a whole new loom and it says i need a resitetor . its got a wire that runs to the coil and says i need to run the coil wire to it and the split it between the coilo and starter so how do i go about wiring in the gray wire and where do i wire it to ?????
  4. dunnie

    coil restitor

    hi guys can any body point me in the right derection im rewiring my mk5 and i cant find the coil restitor anywhere in my loom in the wiring diagram its the 1 form the starter to the coil ive been told i can run 12v straight to the coil and buy some1 else they have sed the wire is a restitor wire but just find out what is true or not please help
  5. ill have the near side arch please can u send me paypal details
  6. dunnie

    3/4/5 new parts

    boot floor repair panel both sides off side chassis rail estate rear upper panel (valence) moprod brake shoes for mk3 1600 gt/2000 mk4 2000/2300 ill take offers on these items plus postage
  7. can any body tell me the lenght of the wiper blades on a mk5 tina pls
  8. im after the bracket and linkage for my pinto engine that the throttle cable goes to then to the carb W.H.Y
  9. all i ever do is wash them out with water then leave it to stand outside then weld it up never had a problem with it before ive done bike tanks the same way
  10. dunnie

    backflash decal

    i would have 1 if you do get them done
  11. the ball joint is seperate and dont need to replace the wishbone ball joints are around £8-15 depends where you buy them from
  12. cut 2 coils off the front springs and fit gaz shocks from burton drives and handles lovely
  13. dunnie

    pinto carb

    im after a twin choke pinto carb and inlet manifold its to get my stepsons capri on the road
  14. dunnie

    twin 40 carbs

    they are still on the car at mo so these are the best pics i can get
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