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  1. westie289

    My mk4

    You'll be glad to know the car is undersealed :) long story short, basically I have a fused knee due to a motorbike accident that happened a couple years back when I was 17, so I got this when I was bedbound, assuming id be able to come straight out of hospital, pass my test and have this as a first car. Circumstances changed and my knee is now fused, but still managed to pass my driving test in a manual, but can't drive this as the brake pedal is too high for me. Hence why I have a mk5 auto on the road at the moment. Iv found that newer cars I have driven are fine to drive but older cars aren't. So I'm trying to think/find a way to solve this as I do really want it on the road, BUT keep it original. I will post more pictures tonight :) and no no corsairs not mine, it's a friends. Going Sierra powered so Iv been told :-)
  2. westie289

    My mk4

    This is my mk4 1.3, not being used as you can see from the mould :( haven't found a spot of rust on it yet!
  3. Yep that's the one, it's been cleaned checked ect. Thermostat is brand new, as it failed a few weeks ago, so I also did coolant flush. And had an oil change about 3000 miles ago,
  4. Found the problem guys, the breather underneath the manifold has been spat out. According to a friend, the reason it's done that is because where it's been sat up for long periods of time before me, the piston rings have kind of jammed into the piston, and not wiping the oil off the bores, causing it to gunk up, and building up pressure apparently. It's only a short term fix as he said it'll more than likely do it again, as it's still not running 100% but has stopped cutting out at inconvenient times lol. So a new engine is on the cards, or a strip and rebuild. Might be a good excuse to swap for a 2ltr ay ;) thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated :)
  5. westie289

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for you replys, broken earth has seemed to cure it :)
  6. Nope, runs like poo all the time. Revs drop dramatically once put into drive, and cuts out. A friend is having a look at it for me on Wednesday.
  7. I have cos it was quite brittle but still no change :(
  8. westie289

    Any ideas?

    Found a broken earth strap under the bonnet, I'll fix that later on and see what happens, then if not I'll check what you guys have written, thanks for the replys :)
  9. westie289

    Any ideas?

    Hi, got Another problem to add to the list lol, was driving home from work yesterday and the fuel gauge and heater gauge maxed right out and after a couple of minutes it went back down to normal, it's done it a couple of times since. I am absolutely rubbish with anything electrical, so any advice on where to start would be great :D thanks Charley
  10. Nope brake feels fine, there is a vacuum pipe that come from the auto gearbox, I have changed that pipe as it was brittle and hard. No change :(
  11. Nope I haven't done that, i was wondering if it was something to do with the car but I'm not sure :/
  12. Hi, my mk5 is being a right pain at the moment. It starts up fine, warms up put my foot on the brake and it cuts out. On Tickover she runs really lumpy, come to a junction engine judders and cuts out. Checked vacuum pipe, that's okay, checked timing and that's okay too. Had new condenser, plugs, leads ect about 6 months ago. Also ticks over fine in park, but if I put it in reverse or drive the revs drop right down and it cuts out? :( Anyone else had a problem like this or could point me on the right direction please? Thanks in advance guys
  13. Not another one :( :closedeyes: Really hope you do get it back
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