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  1. westie289

    My mk4

    You'll be glad to know the car is undersealed :) long story short, basically I have a fused knee due to a motorbike accident that happened a couple years back when I was 17, so I got this when I was bedbound, assuming id be able to come straight out of hospital, pass my test and have this as a first car. Circumstances changed and my knee is now fused, but still managed to pass my driving test in a manual, but can't drive this as the brake pedal is too high for me. Hence why I have a mk5 auto on the road at the moment. Iv found that newer cars I have driven are fine to drive but older cars aren't. So I'm trying to think/find a way to solve this as I do really want it on the road, BUT keep it original. I will post more pictures tonight :) and no no corsairs not mine, it's a friends. Going Sierra powered so Iv been told :-)
  2. westie289

    My mk4

    This is my mk4 1.3, not being used as you can see from the mould :( haven't found a spot of rust on it yet!
  3. westie289


    Brilliant thanks :D front n/s
  4. westie289


    Oh and also a boot seal please :)
  5. westie289


    Hi guys, in need of a mk5 N/S window seal (the inner rubber one), and also some good weather strips. Ta :D
  6. I have a R/H front caliper, just had it reconditioned. It's 2.0 ltr one
  7. It's fixed, salvaged it. Good as new :D
  8. Hi :) Has anybody got some handbrake adjusters laying around? Took brakes to bits the other night and found this <_< Thanks in advance :)
  9. Am loving this thread, if you need any parts mx5 wise etc, drop me a message i work in a mx5 specialist garage :D Keep up the good work! Can't wait for more updates :)
  10. westie289

    my mk5 :)

    Just wow! What a stunning car! Keep the pics coming! :):
  11. Just thought id post some better photos of my mk5 :) After me and 'tim71' went for breakfast this morning whilst the cars were being cleaned And now the stickers are on :thumbup:
  12. westie289

    Starter motor

    Sorry for late reply, i now have a starter motor, thank you anyway. But i will contact you in the near future for parts as it looks like you break a few :thumbup: correct me if im wrong!
  13. westie289

    Starter motor

    Anybody got a starter motor for auto mk5 cortina 1.6?
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