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  1. myle087

    Cortina 1600E

    Think it was 1600e had 4 vents and deluxe had 2 on series 2 anyway dont know about series 1.
  2. myle087

    mk2 windscreen

    Any price yet Dave?
  3. myle087

    mk2 windscreen

    Anyone know if a laminated screen can be got for mk2 series 2 ?
  4. Do`nt think servo will do anything to avoid brake fade !
  5. myle087

    1600e drums

    Thanks Tizwass mine appear perfect also but are ovaled and it can be felt in brake pedal so i`m a bit shy about s/h, I may see if mine can be machined.
  6. myle087

    1600e drums

    ca`nt find that no. Baz was it under cortina brake drums?
  7. myle087

    1600e drums

    Anyone know if 9" 1600e drums are available new, only ones I can find are same design as 1300 8" and the face is too thin.
  8. Hi I`m looking for a dual circuit master cyl.as fitted to R.H.D. export 1600e it`s .85 inch bore and mounting flange is left /right as opposed to top /bottom if you get my drift.I know they are`nt that popular in U.K. but someone may have one .Thanks
  9. myle087

    1600e rear trim

    Looking for new n/s side lower rear trim for 1600e if any out there
  10. myle087

    1600e exhaust

    Has anyone got series 2 1600e stainless exhaust for sale ,do`nt need manifold?
  11. myle087

    Mk2 C Pillar trim

    I`m looking for a new o/s ( right hand) C Pillar trim for a mk2 if anyone can help.
  12. myle087

    1600e heater hoses

    Thanks men ,Satkyn has located one original hose for me and with the leads from yourselves I should be able to locate the other.
  13. Anyone know where I can get heater hoses for series 2 1600e?
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