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  1. Does anyone have any info. about above especially spec and numbers produced.
  2. Beautiful car always liked the coupe good luck with it
  3. Well done Greg a credit to you.
  4. Really nice looking car and the vinyl roof line on rear quarters is tasty.
  5. May I ask another question re 1600e dash and door timbers and ref. Hans link above.Any I have seen redone including my own, done by Chapman and Cliffe, are a much darker finish but I`m of the opinion that the colour in Hans picture is more original.At the time I had mine done I was assured by Chapman and Cliffe that they would do it exactly as Ford did but it came back in the darker shade .Any ideas?
  6. Thanks a lot for that Baz much appreciated.
  7. I think there was something on the forum in last year or so about someone other than Chapman and Cliffe who refurb the 1600e timberwork and use the same as original light colour veneer.Cant find it and wonder if anyone can help.
  8. Great stuff Dave it's been a fascinating thread and you deserve the highest praise for workmanship and engineering skills.
  9. All's well in the Capital Simon ,should have said disconnect big terminal as well before flashing live to small one.
  10. Simon , to polarise flash live terminal of battery i.e.+ to small terminal on dynamo while making sure that the body of the dynamo has a good earth ,flash it several times there should be a blue flash Also check the earth wire on the reg or make a new connection from reg to earth that could cause it .I think the earth wire is separate to the grey block connector .
  11. You might even achieve a more useful slow speed,I find mine a bit too slow. BT W did you not take the one with the dash loom off scrapper?
  12. John the resistor reduces the current flow to the motor thus providing the slow speed .It runs hot and therefore has a lifespan. I think the older type which is a coil winding is more durable.
  13. myle087

    Cortina 1600E

    Think it was 1600e had 4 vents and deluxe had 2 on series 2 anyway dont know about series 1.
  14. C40 L longer body and bigger output standard on 1600E
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