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  1. That thing's rotten, by the looks of it it's been sitting outside for years surrounded by grass and nettles with no glass or doors, have a look at the floor pan and inner sills, even the wood surround dash has disintegrated so imagine what the rest of the inside will be like. It appears to have a 5 speed box which will be the only thing of much value on it. The interior might be worth something but along the back of the rear seat doesn't look to be too good so it's probably rotten as well. Anyone who pays £3500 is barking mad but going by the prices some of the other scrap on Ebay is fetching just now somebody probably will pay it .
  2. To me they just don't look right. My uncle fitted one to has brand new 2.0 Ghia in 1980 and I remember thinking back then that it did absolutely nothing to enhance the look of the car.
  3. Think I've told you the story about my car having been a bit of a tat magnet before I got it Bret and the weeks I spent getting rid of spoilers, stripes and other silly decals. I'm just glad it had a factory fitted sun roof otherwise I recon it would have undoubtedly fallen victim to one of those 1980's DIY glass panel jobs. The bloke I bought it off had also fitted (very badly) a modern Sony radio/CD player with a couple of wires coming out the back and heading in the direction of the rear window. Fortunately those wires had only got as far as going under the front seats otherwise I'd have been on the lookout for a replacement parcel shelf. That CD player was one of the first things to go in the bin and replaced with an original FM push button unit.
  4. Steve I'm just glad you've chosen to put that rare new old stock item on Ebay and not on your car . My concern is the fact that you have this item in your possession in the first place suggests that at one point you had considered fitting it to your car . My view is that the only place this sort of bolt on plastic tat looks good is in landfill or under the wheels of a large truck.
  5. Just to be 110% certain it might be worth putting a clock gauge on it, you can get an El crappo one for a tenner that would do the job fine, just need to rig up some sort of holder cheap DTI
  6. RT 1006

    Mk5 parts,

    Well said Craig
  7. RT 1006

    Mk5 parts,

    Never understood why sellers think that by threatening to scrap something suddenly makes someone want to go and buy it . We've seen it with cars, 'if no one gives me the unrealistic price I'm asking for this Cortina then I'm going to scrap it/modify it/break it/banger race it..........' Anyway, the scrap value of that lot is probably two or three pounds so like Tony says why not lower the starting price?
  8. RT 1006

    Mk5 parts,

    Putting a proper link to your ad might help.
  9. Those reproduction/aftermarket bolts are just a standard M8 bolt. The original bolts were a type of shoulder bolt with a standard M8 thread and 13mm AF head but with a fatter main body than a normal bolt. The original spacers and washers had a larger inside diameter to accommodate the shoulder bolt which is why if you use them with the aftermarket bolts then the spacers and washers don't fit snugly to the bolt. Sounds like you're looking to source originals but they're going to be difficult to find as even any cars being broken for parts are likely to have had these link bolts replaced at some point in their lives and probably with the narrower bolts.
  10. Craig of the Sheffield Cortina Centre will probably be along to help you out with those bits.
  11. Go into a Ford parts dept and ask for an EFL90.
  12. RT 1006

    Cortina mk4 or mk5

    Here's one Corty
  13. Remember if your using the ICH with helium 5 you'll need to adjust the jets as these were initially designed for helium 4
  14. LED ones Gaz, they're more resistant to space dust than standard ones .
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