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  1. Sorry Corty, I do have a transmission tunnel unfortunately that bit has already been cut out. I think somebody asked me for it a couple of years ago along with the cross member mounts as they've been removed as well. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you out.
  2. Sorry didn't get a chance today, will try and get a look tomorrow for you.
  3. I'll have a look today to see what I've got and get back to you later.
  4. Have you got a pic of the actual part you want as I've got bits and pieces from an auto shell lying about but not quite sure which bit you're after?
  5. RT 1006

    Removed ..now

    He's sold the Starcraft .
  6. RT 1006

    Out n About

    A very nice looking car there Paul, great pictures, just wondering how long you'll be waiting before that pub opens
  7. RT 1006

    mk5 wanted

    No I think you're quite realistic, the dreamers are the people who think all the bodged up rot boxes are worth £8k. Here's a good example of a dreamer here Ebay dreamer no doubt somebody will buy it though. Incidentally that estate in the link above looks like a good car.
  8. Posting it in the For Sale section along with a few pictures might help with the sale
  9. There were two heater matrix available, standard output which has the wide pipe spacing and the heavy duty/high output matrix (probably for Scandinavian cars) which had the narrow pipe spacing hence why some end panels got modified.
  10. I don't think so, economies of scale, if all manufacturers used polyurethane bushes they'd be cheaper. It's probably more to do with them not being able to stand up to the tens of thousands of miles of constant use they'd get in a daily car/van, the average classic only does a couple of thousand miles each year if that. Rubber is a fairly resilient hard wearing material.
  11. Sadly not Steve , I don't understand why it is apparently perfectly acceptable for thousands of people to attend political rallies and have a riot in various cities around the UK but we can't have a car show . Now that this lockup has descended into a total farce I think we should get our own gathering arranged.
  12. Went the full monty and got a fish supper, was a good one too .
  13. John it looks like you have taken your car out in the rain, it will be rotten as a pear next week . Took mine for a run out to Moffat on Monday evening, first drive of the year.
  14. That thing's rotten, by the looks of it it's been sitting outside for years surrounded by grass and nettles with no glass or doors, have a look at the floor pan and inner sills, even the wood surround dash has disintegrated so imagine what the rest of the inside will be like. It appears to have a 5 speed box which will be the only thing of much value on it. The interior might be worth something but along the back of the rear seat doesn't look to be too good so it's probably rotten as well. Anyone who pays £3500 is barking mad but going by the prices some of the other scrap on Ebay is fetching just now somebody probably will pay it .
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