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  1. You'd be better with vinyl stickers, you can get them on the likes of the Bay but from what I hear some of them are not very good and are not the correct size and shape. Better to get a piece of paper and make your own template for your wheel. Take it to a sign/graphics company, they'll scan it and make a sheet full of vinyl stickers for you. That's how I did mine, cost worked out at around 50p per sticker but will depend on the specific company's pricing structure. Get satin black vinyl, gloss doesn't look right. Can be fiddly to fit but after the first two or three you'll get the hang of it and in my opinion look much better than trying to brush paint. You'll still have to paint the inside edges of each cut out black but that's the easy bit.
  2. This is what you want. windscreen trim It's about 1mm wider than the original but is the closest you'll get, use a Stanley knife to taper the ends slightly where it fits under the metal corner pieces.
  3. What's wrong with the water pump? Is it leaking? If it's not leaking and it rotates smoothly then there is no need to change it especially if it's the original cast iron one because it'll be far better than those aftermarket aluminium alloy things.
  4. That's not a small leak that's a big leak and under pressure it'll be even bigger. Get a new radiator radiator . I only use that link as an example so make sure it's the correct part for your car before you decide to buy.
  5. Sorry Corty, I do have a transmission tunnel unfortunately that bit has already been cut out. I think somebody asked me for it a couple of years ago along with the cross member mounts as they've been removed as well. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you out.
  6. This is what you want, I bought one of these 3 weeks ago battery
  7. Sorry didn't get a chance today, will try and get a look tomorrow for you.
  8. I'll have a look today to see what I've got and get back to you later.
  9. Have you got a pic of the actual part you want as I've got bits and pieces from an auto shell lying about but not quite sure which bit you're after?
  10. RT 1006

    Removed ..now

    He's sold the Starcraft .
  11. RT 1006

    Out n About

    A very nice looking car there Paul, great pictures, just wondering how long you'll be waiting before that pub opens
  12. As above, and it would probably remove you too - from the face of the earth!
  13. There should probably be a nylon bush between the rack (the silvery rod) and the outer casing. Have a look and see if it or maybe bits of it are sitting inside the gaiter.
  14. RT 1006

    mk5 wanted

    No I think you're quite realistic, the dreamers are the people who think all the bodged up rot boxes are worth £8k. Here's a good example of a dreamer here Ebay dreamer no doubt somebody will buy it though. Incidentally that estate in the link above looks like a good car.
  15. It's good that it looks like rear wheel bearings are being reproduced as these are unique to Ford and were previously only available via Ebay searches for new old stock items. Burton have got them both listed as Atlas axle bearings but I think the 67mm one is for the Koln axle?
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