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  1. RT 1006

    Heater box.

    Aaron, (aja389) is sure to have plenty of these, PM him.
  2. RT 1006

    Plastic tat anyone?

  3. RT 1006


    I sold a set last year for 100 notes which I felt was a fair price so for a good set of 4 or 5 requiring refurbishment I'd say around £100 given that to have one wheel refurbished these days costs around £50.
  4. RT 1006

    C3 auto gearbox

    What's the going rate for a C3 auto gearbox these days?
  5. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    Looks like it's been a profitable weekend for the Doc, he got £15k for his left hooker Sherpa https://www.ebay.com/itm/BREATHTAKING-1982-MORRIS-SHERPA-9-SEAT-MINI-BUS-DELIVERY-MILES-ONLY-86/202548482869?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. RT 1006

    C3 auto gearbox

    Got a spare one sitting in the garage Steve and just wondering if it's worth moving on as I need to try and reduce my hoard of old junk Cortina spares over the coming year
  7. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    I remember seeing it on the Bay a couple of months ago Steve and it's also been subject of discussion on another site as well. The Doc is quite clever and makes sure 60 days has passed before he sells it on so that it doesn't come up in Ebay completed listings. He's probably spent about £1500 tidying it up so it stands him £5k which I would say is about its value and that's likely what the under bidder thought as well when it was up on the Bay the last time. It probably is a genuine bidder, they just haven't been to see the car in the flesh and when they do it'll probably not be quite as they expected.
  8. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    Well it has apparently sold for £10000, I wonder how long it will be before the relisting? The Doc paid £3500 for it a couple of months ago so if it does turn out to be a genuine sale then that's a good return on his money for a quick tidy up and pain here and there.
  9. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    Much more honest pictures than the Doc's, at least you can actually see the car . The MOT history doesn't necessarily make it a bad car, it depends on the quality of the repairs. That's why if I were Taz I'd want to go and see the car in the flesh rather than relying on someone else's opinion (the seller's) otherwise it could end in tears.
  10. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    Here's one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-2-0-Ghia-Auto/332990706529?hash=item4d87caf361:g:FykAAOSwliFcK6Bk but looking at the MOT history I'd make sure you give it a right good going over first.
  11. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    I noticed that as well. My guess is the original speakers would be goost as they would have suffered foam rot, a common problem with most old speakers and not just car speakers.. This is where the foam rings supporting the speaker cones rot away. Looks like the Doc has probably just replaced them with those horrible aftermarket things as they do look very new. His attention to detail is sadly lacking on this car but still people see fit to bid it up to almost £9000 , mind boggling, I probably wouldn't give him half of that for it. Incidentally, if you want to keep your original speakers the foam rings can be replaced, it's a fiddly job but I've done several sets of car and old hifi speakers.
  12. RT 1006

    Wanted front clip 3/ 4/ 5

    Remember the Mk3 and Mk4/5 cradles are slightly different do to steering geometry, namely camber. I've got a Mk5 cradle here if you're stuck.
  13. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    He probably dropped them in the paint tray as he was giving that slam panel it's final coat with the roller
  14. RT 1006

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    Here you all are, hadn't noticed there was already a thread started. Correct John, the backs of the wheels, the centres and the recessed bits were all a light grey colour, they were never white. If the Doc's car has shiny wheels with white bits it's going to look more like a pimp mobile than a Cortina. Unfortunately with his over enhanced pics you can't really tell what colour they are. He's obviously been in such a hurry to put all the empty aerosol cans away when he finished painting the boot lid that he's forgotten to stick the Ford badge back on, either that it's fallen off . And the Cortina badge spacing is all wrong too. Think the Doc needs to spend less time waffling and more time on attention to detail
  15. RT 1006

    Black mk3 xl interior wanted

    Try Aja389
  16. RT 1006

    Cortina MK3 2 Litre Pinto Thermostat Housing

    You're right, they don't know what they're selling because I bought one last year that's why I know it's for Cortina. There's plenty other people selling exactly the same thing for a tenner more, you could get one of them.
  17. RT 1006

    Cortina MK3 2 Litre Pinto Thermostat Housing

    Disregard the bit about Sierra, this is the correct one for the Cortina https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sierra-Bnc-Bng-Gbc-Gbg-Gb4-1982-1993-Thermostat-Housing/371606204912?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  18. RT 1006

    Tank straps

    If you're stuck I think I've got a couple of pairs here that I bought years ago thinking they were the same as saloon.
  19. RT 1006

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    At that price I think they're going to be on sale on the Bay for a lot more months to come Steve :lol:
  20. RT 1006

    A few more parts needed please

    They're still available from Ford, FINIS 1659105, about 20 notes each.
  21. RT 1006

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    £450 opening bid :o , wonder if he's related to that muppet in Northern Ireland? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk5-Gls-Recaro-Fishnet-Front-Seats/183486238653?hash=item2ab8a1cfbd:g:TwsAAOSwPHNZkVG1. They don't look like they're Cortina, they've got the tilt forward lever for 2 door cars, probably Escort.
  22. RT 1006

    Mk3/4/5 Rare Repair Panels on Ebay

    Yes I liked that one too, at least he's honest :lol:
  23. RT 1006

    Wanted Front Valance inner and outer mk4

    I wouldn't bother, you'd have to sell your house if you want to buy anything off him :thumbdown:
  24. RT 1006

    Chroming Bumpers - Mk2 Cortina

    I can't help you with recommendations but one to avoid is ASHFORD CHROMING, it'd be good to think they're no longer in business but if they are do not go anywhere near them. They ripped off Pete C and their work is extremely poor, I'm sure there's a thread on here about them.
  25. RT 1006

    Mk3 very good rear nearside DOOR

    I thought the Starcraft doors were all based on Mk4/5 Gaz?