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  1. love the Titan Blue over Stratos Silver, great resto work
  2. Peter Simpsons was the best example of Mk5 2.0 Ghia ive seen
  3. Nope they were never diamond cut, plus those rear badges have been off at some point and not put back on correctly, and where is the Ford Badge on the right hand side of the boot lid?
  4. is the black one front or rear?
  5. or better still f you can get the wing off, cut out a nice new piece of metal the same size as the hole, with the use of a couple of magnets to hold the new metal in place and weld from both sides. Once welded grind welds flush, apply some rust converter, then a skim of filler,
  6. my dads Cortina still has the VV carb on it mind you its not run for about 20 years now, i remember it was great when it was new but when they go wrong they go wrong we had endless problems starting it, that auto choke was nightmare i remember countless burnt eyebrows due to the choke flooding the engine which ended up with the plugs having to be removed and a blow torch put into the plug holes to burn the excess fuel off, only thing was if two set of valves were open you would get a blow back from another plug hole lol. He didnt want to put a webber on it as he wanted to keep the car original
  7. https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/other-carburettor-injection-parts/kadron-keihin-nikki-pierburg-solex-stromberg-su-zenith/other-service-kits-service-parts/ford-fomoco-vv-service-kit/
  8. have you tied changing the diaphram
  9. is that a clarke 130TE Mig welder you have there?
  10. Yes ive taken it off given it to my mate who specialises in auto electrics. He is going to dismantle it check the brushes etc. I am now in the process of getting the 20 S run round to my lock up so i can now start the full restoration of her. I just need to be able to continue starting up the 20 Ghia and moving her about and should i need space in my lock up to do general maintenance on my every day use cars. My lockup is a 40 foot shipping container which i can easily get the 2.0 S and the Ghia in and i have a nice work bench in there with a brand new petrol generator for power
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