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  1. i fitted escort shocks on the rear of my mk2,as its a series 1 having the same chassis as mk 1 fitted fine and only cost about 20quid new.
  2. I couldn't get any nos hoses for my 1600E so I bought 2m of heater hose and shaped them myself.all I done really was pushed a piece of 15mm copper tube inside hose and bent it gently so not to kink it into required shape,didnt restrict flow or anything.as for pcv valve ?no idea
  3. hi Danish,sold it on car and classics.no fees ,they get there money through privacy numbers,use photos and script,a very popular site.had a lot of calls and first to see bought it.he turned up in a £45000 merc,beautiful I did ask if he wanted a swap but he declinded my offer.
  4. sold now,so on the lookout for a mk1 or a mk2,not going to rush in this time though.
  5. Hi all,thanks for your nice comments,much apprieciated.littlenewt thanks for putting up pics for me,i have been told it has wrong interior in it but I don't know much about the car maybe Aaj389 could shed some light on its origins.anyway its a nice drive,lovely auto box for cruising,comfortable and presentable.i have just fitted electronic ignition and rebuilt/serviced the carb.next weekend im going to replace the valve stem oil seals as it gives a little puff of smoke on start-up when the cars hot.any offers out there?
  6. price dropped to £3200ish,any interest?
  7. rubberhead

    K & N Airfilter

    looks to be the same fitting as 1600E,i think the 4 mounting holes are the same on most webber carbs,
  8. hi all,im selling my mk5 2litre auto ghia.its champaine gold with dark peat brown velour interior,76k miles,runs well,mot until feb 2017,good all round condition,radio/cass,.cant post photos but will text them to anyones mobil if they pm me there numbers.thought id advertise it on here before I go down the Ebay route. looking for offers around £3600.cheers tony
  9. I have a nice mk5 I might be selling.pm me.
  10. now that sounds like a plan. :thumbup:
  11. stick on ones look good but don't go near em with a pressure washer as they peel off and crack.
  12. rubberhead

    mk1 cortina

    thought I would just add,the guy who bought it is a club member batty3636 on here.he actuley owned and built it a few years back and sold it to the guy I had it from.small world heh.
  13. rubberhead

    mk1 cortina

    yeah I understand what your saying but I just fancied a change.i like to have a tinker with my cars and done all I could to the RAT.really loved the car,it was what I wanted in the 70s,so got one done a few mods to make it mine now time to move on.
  14. rubberhead

    mk1 cortina

    sold my 1600E last month so now on the lookout for a modified mk1.or a standard gt.will want one about april ish.thanks all.
  15. I will find out about postage and let you know ,cheers mate
  16. full set of brake pads to fit 1600E/gt mk2,will also fit triumph vitesse.£10 plus postage or collection
  17. brand new pair of track rod ends to fit 1600E/gt.bought and never used,still in sealed greased bags.looking for £30 plus postage[about £5.50]
  18. rubberhead

    sump plug

    hi all,im just after a sump plug for my 1600E series one.done oil change last week and found thread a bit bare/stripped.
  19. rubberhead

    mk1 + mk2 bits

    yep that's what it is. :thumbup:
  20. hi all,im after a fuel filler rubber sleeve.it goes between tank and filler pipe.thanks. for a mk2 Cortina.
  21. no mate,thats Cortina day ,the new Symons yat
  22. are you going to Monmouth?if so come and have a chat
  23. rubberhead

    indicator arm

    hi all,im after a indicator arm for my 1600E please.could collect at Monmouth.
  24. hi all,im after a new seal that goes between fuel filler pipe and bodywork.mk2 1600e series one.thanks.
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