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  1. drutin

    The Cortina Garage

    works on pc too
  2. drutin

    The Cortina Garage

    Fun and games lol Works on phone now Thanking you Neil
  3. drutin

    The Cortina Garage

    this link works https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?app=garagedirectory&module=cars&controller=cars the link on main page doesnt work though 😞
  4. drutin

    The Cortina Garage

    when click on "The Cortina Garage" it still just goes to the index page for me on my pc and phone
  5. drutin

    The Cortina Garage

    The Cortina Garage is it just me ? :) when i click on it, it just goes to the main forum page thanks
  6. drutin

    EBay link in ADVERTS section not working

    Hmm Is the Phone, 3 line thing, not hidden from main page. As I didn't know it was there, Good, eBay link still in adverts section me thinks :)
  7. drutin

    EBay link in ADVERTS section not working

    No worries, Thanks for fixing :)
  8. EBay link in ADVERTS section not working Just in case you don't know. It only forwards to ebay home page
  9. Option 2 lol Price some of the wiring loom places New better than old especially behind dash etc
  10. drutin

    Buy lhd ford cortina mk2

    As said, best way is to go see car, make a cash offer I think that's what happened to the one on eBay, as no one won it, it was cancelled Which gives impression, cash offer was made. Outside of ebay
  11. drutin

    Buy lhd ford cortina mk2

    Oh, hopefully something else comes up for you.
  12. drutin

    Buy lhd ford cortina mk2

    any luck with the ebay car ?
  13. drutin

    Wanted.... MK1 walking stick handbrake

    thread hijack, sorry, that is cool :)
  14. drutin

    Wanted.... MK1 walking stick handbrake

    is that a 6/71 ? :)
  15. drutin

    Buy lhd ford cortina mk2

    I don't know how you can see anything from those bad pictures. Rust, is part of cars in UK. You won't find car for that price without doing some rust/body work etc. surface rust, wouldnt be too concerned about, you cant really let rust put you off, as it will be there on all old cars, unless its be repaired I think your very foolish not going to see car. Things are a lot clearer when looked at in real life. It might not be that bad in real life, it may also be worse, Also you may see other things that may need work,parts etc. hence why you look at a car before you buy. Not many LHD in UK. So you can't be too picky. Otherwise, other option, import one from Europe etc All the best.