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  1. thank you kindly, lotuscops lol, thats the person i contacted, he said they were sold, lol so ive contacted again, see what happens, cheers
  2. great thanks for that, lotuscops just rubbing it in aye pouring salt on the wound nice of you lol i just missed out yesterday on a set for £100 grrrrrrrrr
  3. 1963, Cortina, mk1, alloy dash trims only on the 1963 model etc prefer rhd trims, will take lhd also let me know what you have, price and pictures will need posted to me email - gmwni1974@gmail.com or message me on here thanks glen w
  4. dhv571d thats awesome, thanks for info :D one step further thanks glen w
  5. hi, sorry, its a one piece ill try get a picture up :D yes, bolt holes of diff flange, x4 mounting holes etc also bolt hole diameter as i do not have a diff head at present to measure if its correct etc so not asking much aye :D thanks glen w
  6. universal joint ? pcd of the diff flange, not wheel :D thanks :D
  7. universal joint ? doh not sure what yous call them in uk as yous call driveshafts, propshafts :P its not a boat :P its a car lol :D ha ha the joint that joins the shaft and flange to the driveshaft pipe etc its a one piece driveshaft :D
  8. Thanks lotuscops What would be the measurement from center of universal joint to other end center of universal joint Also, driveshaft tube diameter Diff flange round outside diameter and PCD bolt pattern as i do not have a diff head yet :( whilst im at it :D also the step on the flange, outside diameter too :D ie where it goes into the diff head flange to locate and center it etc Thanks Glen w
  9. So bought a driveshaft, one piece :D Hope it's for a MK1 cortina How do I measure tell ? Help Thanks
  10. Got sorted good stuff All set up for another 2 year break then lol 🤣
  11. Next ..... Does a MK1 cortina gearbox bolt straight to a 2.0 litre pinto, escort, cortina engine ? Then what do I need to make it work ? MK1 cortina, flywheel Does this bolt straight to 2.0 litre engine ? MK1 cortina, clutch, clutch plate, pressure plate, release bearing MK1 cortina clutch slave cylinder Mk1 cortina, starter motor Anything else ? Who actually knows or has actually done it ? Thanks
  12. Uh huh huh linky not work for me Goes to main page
  13. hey lotuscops, many thanks :D and for the parts diagram :D much appreciated :D ill see if ford still have them lol thanks glen
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