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  1. His mate is a an importer, he brings a lot of stuff over not just old fords but bikes and machinery as well. I can ask/pass on a number.
  2. A mate of mine has just got a 1971 mk3 saloon from south africa and unfortunately it's been damaged in the container. We're northwest based so if anyone has any of the above kicking about it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  3. Looks smart, any more picks of the install? Are you keeping the factory efi or are going carbs+ megajolt?
  4. Try south wales props, or alternatively a couple of ice hockey pucks as spacers.
  5. It's the car i bought that scuttle end for Dave. I'm too busy at work to get around to it at the moment (did you see the black phantom i'm welding up at the minute?) It'll get broken if i don't have time to finish it, it's worth more to me in bits.
  6. It's been sat in the yard at work since the t+t ran out.
  7. Lazenby43 has full electric leather in his mk5. I think it's from a mk3 mondeo ( might be easier to find these days).
  8. All cortina meet next month at a guess......
  9. Thanks for the offer Miles, but i can't take another car on. I've already got five as it stands, and i've got an escort 1600 sport coming over from spain soon. Nice Jag though :thumbup: , i had an XJ40 years ago and it's easily the best riding car i've ever had.
  10. Guessing the price is too high........ £1000? That's roughly what i'd get back if i cash in the tax and insurance and break the car.
  11. Forgot to say, if anyone wants pictures of anything specific or more information about any part of the car you can either reply to the thread or PM me.
  12. At leyland ford show a few weeks ago (it's not lowered, it was full of parts to sell!) [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  13. Hi all, I'm selling my june '80 V-reg 1.6 gl saloon (4 speed manual).I bought this last august as a weekend toy while i restored my other cortina. My other car is nearly ready to go back on the road so there's no room at the inn for this. It's a little battle scarred, but from twenty feet looks a minter :angel_not: i would describe this as a rolling project, but if you wanted you could just run it till the test runs out, then break it and get most of your money back. I was going to sell it with 12 months MOT, but i haven't as you'll see later if you read on. Good bit's: * Taxed and tested, and ready to drive away. * Had recon calipers not long after i bought it as the brakes were binding * Recent brake flexis all round * Rare colour * Bronze tinted glass all round * All locks work off one key (how rare is that!) * Four matching recent Vredstein T-tracs(185/70x13) * On a set of recently repainted capri ghia alloys * Vinyl roof is immaculate, with no rips, tears or bubbles of doom * Interior is in good condition, with added bonus of rear seat belts * I've fitted a recon dizzy, new plugs, leads and coil (i's been converted to electronic) * Colour coded rocker cover, and belt cover * Previous owner fitted a full exhaust system * Previous owner fitted a new radiator * Surprisingly rapid for a 1600, much more so than my other 1600 * it's a great basis for a rolling resto/project Bad bit's: * It's had a crap respray at some point in the recent past. It looks fine from a distance, but when you get up close you can see micro blistering in most panels * It's got filler in the front scuttle, and rear arches and probaly a few other places too * Its got surface rust around the edges of the doors, bonnet and bootlid. This isn't rot from the inside, but looks to be bad paint prep * drivers door is rotten on the bottom corner, but it will come with a NOS door to replace it with if you want. * The rear jacking points/inner sills will want welding for the next test (previous mot standard repairs ie, the bare minimum to pass the test that day). * It's had an over sill on the drivers side that's been spot welded not seam welded. * All the rear axle bushes (x8) are either knackered or close to it. * The rubber gaitors are split on the TREs * The brakes are still a little spongy, i've replaced pretty much everything bar the hard lines and master cylinder. I have had the master cylinder apart in the past and found very light pitting on the piston (came off with 1500 grit wet and dry) in hindsight i should of put a seal kit in it aswell. * Needs the stem seals doing, as you get the blue cloud of woe on start up * The blower heater is stuck on cold as the mechanism is jammed, but it does come with a spare heater control unit to replace it. Conclusion, the bad bits look quite.....well.. bad written down. But in reality it's a good little car that's fully road legal and usable and all it's problems could be sorted out at weekends over the summer. I've been honest (maybe a little too honest lol)in my description, but i want people to know what they're getting and i've no interest in stitching anyone up with a banger, but opinions vary so it's best if you come and view it for yourself. Rob. PS There are quite few members in the north west, so if someone from further afield is interested i'm sure someone more local would be willing to give it a once over for you and give you a better idea what it's like.
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