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  1. snowy2

    Duke Blues

    Graham's 2.0l XL Mk III is up for sale. His show winning car is detailed in the Members cars section. As is my contact details. And the reason for its sale. Thanks. Dave.
  2. snowy2

    Logging in

    Seems odd that's this forum gives me repeated log ons if i don't return quicker than a few days. even on my phone on which i have left all the default settings since i did a factory reset. i will check my cookie settings.
  3. snowy2

    Logging in

    An idea....but i use Firefox that apart but i am active on quite a few car forums and do not suffer similar problems logging on with them....
  4. snowy2

    Logging in

    Why are some forums protected? is it because you could do it so you did? i mean what are you trying to protect by stopping visitors from looking at "members cars" posts? i understand the limits for posting rights but viewing rights? it just seems such a petty thing. sometimes i just read the posts its not such a hassle to log in to post on rare occasions, but just to read one or two posts? my computer logs me out almost every visit (every few days) and my mobile does as well please sort it out it is such a pain. i assume its a limit set on your servers as i have checked every option to remember me.
  5. Whilst th OP has a fair point, in the spirit of debate i would say duke never posted a price or offered critism of the car only that as it had not sold and lots of the hard to find bits are missing. Weather the car was a good price or not is a moot point and a fair topic on a public forum. if you don't like folks commenting on the value you put on an item for sale don't post on a public forum. but once you do then accept your going to get good and bad feedback. For me it might have been viable as a project if complete but not incomplete. But it is a worth while debate to have whatever.
  6. snowy2

    Stil Wanted!

    They are like busses non for ages then loads all at once. hang in there you'll find one. that said “the right money“ is a little vague if your budget topps out at £1500 you are going to struggle. (You get them)
  7. I have what i believe to be a sound mk2 fuel tank pulled from my kit car. Pm me or dukeblues.
  8. Yup got the text this morning.....and i do have a good non leaking mk2 fuel tank removed from my Dutton kit car 3 years ago.
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