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  1. hi mate, interested in your radiator if you still have it?
  2. Hi all, I'm after a pinto (6 bolt) regular size 216mm preferably thats been lightened and with a ring gear ready to go. I can pick up next week pretty much anywhere as I'm all over the uk next week! Cheers all
  3. minty93

    MK3 rear louvre

    try looking on the irish and german ebay :thumbup:
  4. im after a bonnet safety catch/latch for a mk3/4/5.Prefer NOS but somethingin good condition would be good too Thanks!!
  5. Lovely, if you pm me your PayPal details il send it through!
  6. Lovely, thanks :thumbup:
  7. Im after a new/half decent bonnet retainer spring to fit to my new aussie bonnet, my current one on my old bonnet has seen better days and dont really want to put it on the bonnet! cheers all!
  8. No worries, im about all over the plaece in the southeast this week so i might be able to drop it into him depending where he his :thumbup:
  9. Hi all, up for grabs is a mk3 steering wheel (woody V) and the original radio (unsure if its working) but anyway its free to anyone who wants to collect it, might have a few other odds and ends but I'l let you guys know,, Im located in bulphan essex approx 10 mins from junctions 30 and 31 of M25 07557470103 minty
  10. minty93

    mk3 arch chrome

    hi all, im after the 2 chrome strips that fit onto the rear arches of my mk3 xl cheers guys
  11. minty93

    wanted mk3 door

    sorry make that nearside door (rear passenger) cheers!
  12. minty93

    wanted mk3 door

    Hi all, looking for a mk3 offside rear door for my tina. Cheers
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