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  1. I have a pair of hinges. I'm in Birmingham
  2. I have a complete PFL ash tray for sale £5. Buyer collects I'm in Birmingham
  3. Mangler

    MK5 Mirrors

    I have a pair of MK 5 door mirrors for sale, they look like they are new £20 Buyer collects I'm in Birmingham
  4. Part arrived today, thanks again.
  5. Help I need a better plastic trim that goes around the interior mirror on my MK3 I don't know if MK4 or MK5 are the same
  6. Mangler

    Mk3 Roof Lining

    I've got a brand new roof lining, it's made by East Kent Trim, it's off white and it hasn't got any perforations in it, comes with a packet of clips. £100.00 Buyer collects(I'm in Birmingham)
  7. Anybody got a pair of opening rear windows for a 2 door MK3? Along with the catches, rubber seals and the rubber hinges.
  8. Help anybody got a MK3 2 door near side fixed rear quarter window rubber? Doesn't matter if it's got the chrome inlay or not.
  9. I had my U/J replaced by my local car spare shop, in one day back the next day. £40.
  10. Mangler

    Washer Jets

    Panic over, I've found the little blighters. But I'll keep you mind.
  11. Mangler

    Washer Jets

    I'll take a pair. How do you want paying?
  12. Mangler

    Washer Jets

    Hi, Anybody got a pair of windscreen washer tubes for a MK3,4,5. That's the copper pieces.
  13. Mangler

    Cortina MK3

    We've decided to keep the car and finish it off, now I retired I will have the time.
  14. Mangler

    Cortina MK3

    No mate I'm sticking with the Zafira, it's a high motor so I can get in and out easier.
  15. Mangler

    Cortina MK3

    That's the one, only lose the vinyl roof, imagine 4 headlights/grille put an slight hump on the bonnet & switch on the Essex V6 underneath.
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