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  1. Need a front right floor pan for my mk3 gxl for some welding. Expressed steel only do a full side and I just want the front if possible to keep costs down atm as needs a lot of work to get through the mot! If anyone has one I can buy would be great. Leanne
  2. they also have a bit of water on them in the pics, not stains :)
  3. the scorpio rails are unattached, not affixed to cortina rails.
  4. http://s1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg622/leannedowns/ Pictures here. One looks a bit crushed where it had things touching it but has probably puffed back up now in the storage since.
  5. downs88

    gt tombstone seats

    Thanks for the heads up guys, I ended up paying £256 plus £30 courier.....is this a fair deal do you think? I am not that clued up on the worth but I wanted them so I guess it doesn't matter too much, but always good to know!
  6. Hey managed to bag myself a pair of tombstones from ebay this week, lost then was offered second chance offer on them! Need someone handy who can help me install them around the Kent/Sittingbourne area? Any recommendations? Also they need a slight repair in splits in the leather, mainly along seams so anyone got any ideas where I can do this? Thanks!
  7. Got a pair of scorpio leather seats in black, had them in my GXL but managed to get a pair of tombstones now, any one who wants the scorpios let me know!
  8. downs88

    gt tombstone seats

    I managed to get these in the end, ended up bidding, losing then getting the second chance offer! Just need to get them repaired and put in now!
  9. hey after a pair of tombstones if possible. Know there is some on ebay but don't want to mess about with ebay. thanks
  10. It wasn't an estate, but thank you for thinking of me! It was a 2000E automatic with tan interior and a black vinyl roof. Was owned in London in '82 but thats all I know, will post some old photos soon when I can scan them in. Would be amazing to find it!

  11. Yeah deffo going to use the bag trick! Someone mentioned it to me on the mk3 owners club forum. Need to find a way to stop a new one splitting!
  12. 79fd4b85.jpg

    this is the only red estate i know of i know it has irish plates but the previous owner bought the car from a member in coventry

    all the best


  13. Ah I must have missed it, haven't logged in for awhile, thanks though i'll keep looking! It's split where it is affixed.
  14. I am looking for a washer bottle for my mk3 gxl 1972, anyone got one they don't want? Cheers
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