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  1. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Thanks, I will check out CJ Pony parts and have a look
  2. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Yeah, the lock mech that screws to the door, As for arch trims I'm only after one which I should come across eventually, Or I might wait till the Chinese spot the market for reproductions, Recently noticed pattern indicator & taillight lenses are now available from Finland! So there is some hope......... Cheers Garry
  3. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for a few bits for my 4dr mk3 FL, O/S rear door lock mechanism. O/S front door hinge (upper 2-bolt one), N/S rear wheel arch trim...... Thanks Garry
  4. Could you post some pics of the seats, Thanks
  5. Hi, seat hump + a couple of inches either side, not bothered about sill edge know it will be rotten, cheers
  6. Im looking for both driver/pass seat mount humps with the strengthening plates underneath (nearest inner sill), How much to post to Glasgow.
  7. Cairn15

    Email issues

    All sorted now thanks
  8. Im looking for a good drivers seat mount "hump" as picture nearest inner sill & a good drivers front jacking point(under the pedal box). Thanks
  9. I don't know if its the best but Magnum panels are listing one for a Mk3 for £47
  10. Hello for reference...... Taunus upper valance ends are definitely not the same?, because the taunus upper has two angled folds rather than a radius bend up to the head light flange. I know this because I have just modified motomobil taunus repair panels to suit uk spec mk3 Cortina valance. Photos to follow to explain what I had do Cheers Cairn15
  11. I knew I had one but its a nearside, I would initially try petes panels or give midland panels a call on the off chance they might have one. These pattern panels were common and not very expensive in the day unfortunately Ive not seen anyone doing new pressings lately . Good Luck Garry
  12. Cairn15

    Cortina stolen!!

    . Sorry to hear about this theft, You could post something on ebay with photos incase they try to break it for parts the car is distinctive enough it would only take one person to spot it, Good Luck mate.
  13. Hello I would like to ask if anyone is aware of any Mk3,4,5 cortina in car breakers yards the central scotland area as I require a few small floor sections for localised repairs. I would go angle grinder in hand!, Any leads would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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