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  1. Cairn15

    Mk3 Wheeltub

    Yeah, I was thinking of taking a few measurements and heading down the breakers (last resort), Unfortunately I don't own an english wheel, I will see if SW Cortina turns something up, or anyone else who has got a tub section kicking around, Let me know
  2. Cairn15

    Mk3 Wheeltub

    I don't know for sure but someone will know, are Mk4 & Mk5 tubs the same as Mk3, other than the inner edge, which I know is different from the Mk3, as the Mk3/4/5 pattern part repair panel needs to be sliced/welded to reduce the radius of the arch for the Mk3 rear quarter, I used a MK5 'Ski-Jump' section which was a great fit, On the off chance anybody used Granada/Transit/Fiesta etc sections to repair?
  3. Cairn15

    Mk3 Wheeltub

    That's fine mate, have look when your down next, As you can see from the photos, i;m working with 'Real Cheese' , It's the Drivers side i'm looking for, thanks Garry
  4. Cairn15

    Mk3 Wheeltub

    Anyone chopping up a scrap Mk3 cortina shell, I'm looking for a useable Offside wheel tub for repair sections , Yes anything can be repaired, and I am prepared to cut out and make repair panels if needed. Just need a decent section to graft in, I have a pattern part inner wheel arch panel, which will come in handy at some point, If you have something that might work. let me know. Thanks Garry
  5. Appreciate the offer, But I already have a guy with a 2000e green sundym but he is in Dorset, I'm up in Glasgow............ It's always the same other end of the country, Hopefully get one nearer to home, Cheers mate thumbup
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a decent, Green tint, Heated, sundym rear windscreen for a Mk3, You wouldn't have one of these knocking around? Cheers Garry
  7. Hello again, what do you think?
  8. Hello Again Not been on BSC for a long while, still working away on my Mk3 2000GT facelift restoration Recently I picked up a tombstone GT drivers seat for my car, to replace a period wolfrace bucket seat that was fitted back in the day. Now , my car was pretty original (2 owner) and the passenger tombstone seat was in good condition, but there is a difference in the thickness of the headrest between drivers & passengers seats, odd? I know this sounds strange, but both seats are later facelift 4Dr GT seats and there is a 1/2" difference, pass on standard 'extra value' beta trim, drivers on standard black/dark grey velour, never been reupholstered, and definitely not toyota. Anyone else came across this, I would be interested to know Cheers Garry
  9. Hello, It's been decades since my Mk3 had front wings fitted, I have replaced most of the bulkhead & inner outer scuttle panels. I can't remember if all of the front wing mounting bolts are the same type, U-clip & self tapping bolt with built in washer. Are the A- Post wing bolts including the lowest, of the same type as used on the wing rail? I have a tub full of rusty oddments previously used for securing such panels............... Seasons Greetings Cairn15
  10. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Thanks, I will check out CJ Pony parts and have a look
  11. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Yeah, the lock mech that screws to the door, As for arch trims I'm only after one which I should come across eventually, Or I might wait till the Chinese spot the market for reproductions, Recently noticed pattern indicator & taillight lenses are now available from Finland! So there is some hope......... Cheers Garry
  12. Cairn15

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for a few bits for my 4dr mk3 FL, O/S rear door lock mechanism. O/S front door hinge (upper 2-bolt one), N/S rear wheel arch trim...... Thanks Garry
  13. Hello Working on my 1976 p-reg mk3 cortina today, had to remove the steering column and pedal box in for preparation for welding on the bulkhead seams. I managed to break/snap one of the white plastic brake servo pin bushes fell apart (too old and brittle), anyone know where i can get one from? are escort/capri the same? Thanks
  14. Im sure this car was for sale in Scotland in the last 6-8 months, 83-GLS has posted pictures of DAP570K when it was a bit nicer.
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