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  1. Ask Pete, Cortina City..I'm sure there is one in his box of bits. If you send him a copy of your key, I'll match the lock to your key so the car has just the one key.
  2. I discovered this long ago and made a few quid from it, they are about 90p from Ford... Or you can find them in a Ford KA as stated, the ones under the back seats are the newest looking usually...I have a carrier bag full..
  3. I'm sure that colour is Volcano Red, it's a custom colour and very nice if done well. I've not seen it for years on anything...
  4. A good looking shell for scrap money, a bargain for someone with a heap.
  5. Are you really certain it has to go? I wish I had the money to buy it as you know it would get the TLC and be looked after.....If you keep it perhaps I could offer some help.
  6. There's a nice Astrali on Ebay today..I had one in the Eighties and it was a joy on a MK3.
  7. Not sure Andy, they looked to be from 67 to 70 by the plates. there was also a clean shell for picking bits off...I still want first pick of the bunch if it comes off. It was the amount of panels that blew me away!
  8. I was in a barn two weeks ago, there were 3 1600E's in it waiting for restoration, and not in bad order at all, around the walls there were new panels hung up, wings, inners, front panels, slam panels etc...I'm not saying where they are because there may be a chance of owning one. I quite fancy a MK2.
  9. I'm looking for a similar cloth in Marquis Blue, I found cloth with the same pattern but the wrong colour. My idea is to buy the cloth and dye it to the correct shade of blue, I think you could do the same but run a bleaching agent through it first, then dye it the correct colour...All part of the fun... How much do you need in tan? I have two E headrests in tan....
  10. We talked about these on Sunday, I'm about to make some I think...I'll have a look at mine when I drag the cement mixer out in the morning...9 dry days in 11 weeks!!!!!!! I need time on my car AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  11. Hello Paul, is it solvent paint or do you reckon it will come off ....
  12. I'm still looking if anyone can help....
  13. It's cheaper to buy two sets of four doors and splice them, or make your own....
  14. The MK5 Scuttle is wider from screen to bonnet and the angle is different where the wipers come through. I never tried them off a four, but they also must be wider due to the bonnet being the same as a five. They are not the same as a three.
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