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  1. luke 31


    Hi has anyone got for sale a 1600 xflow engine or block in the southeast area
  2. mk1 light bezels wanted
  3. luke 31

    wanted mk1 cortina

    thank you for the advice, have looked on carandclassic everything seems to be just out of my price range at the moment always the way when you want something :lol:
  4. luke 31

    wanted mk1 cortina

    too true but thats the fun in it :D
  5. luke 31

    wanted mk1 cortina

    got that on the watch list already, thanks
  6. luke 31

    wanted mk1 cortina

    would like a runner but dont mind if i have to do a bit of work
  7. i've been looking for a mk1 cortina for a while now got up to about £5000 to spend, would prefer 2 door but would consider 4 door, any condition considered if anyone has got one for sale could you let me know, have been looking on ebay but everytime one comes up thats worth looking at they end auction early many thanks luke
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