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  1. Hi Gang. On my last post I did say that a tow round the block may do it good . I'll keep you in the loop. Regards Mouse.. As for the calipers I'm using NEW Escort Mk.2 . At first I was using a master cylinder that was too small so I fitted one with a bigger bore to match the Escort calipers. Since I fitted that the pedal is harder and not as much travel. Regards Mouse.. With regard to the servo outlet pipe. It is just forward of the centre. Regards Mouse..
  2. Hi. I've tried just about everything you can think of. The next thing is to drag it round the block and see if they just need bedding in(I think that's wishful thinking) Regards Mouse..
  3. Hi Dude. I've been through this before and the jury seems to be out on the positioning of the remote.mine is virtually level and did not have many probs bleeding it I have a friend with a Mk.1 Escort and his is stuck up in the air.no probs bleeding it.. Thank's for your interest-even after ferocious and frequent bleeding the brakes are still crap. Regards Mouse..
  4. Hi Gang. Thank's for your replies.. Regards Mouse..
  5. Hi Gang. Where is the best place to sell Mk.1 Tina bits?? I'm in North Wales.. Regards Mouse..
  6. Hi. Multi Grats. Regards Mouse..
  7. Hi Gang. After removing Ethanol from E10 fuel,what have I got left?? What octain will it be and will it be just plain unleaded?? Regards Mouse..
  8. Hi Dude. Look up Captain Scarlet blogs on Buy Sell Cortina he notes some info.. Regards Mouse..
  9. Hi Dude. Depending on which servo it is you can buy an overall kit. There have been 3 that i know of. 1 Girling power stop. 2 lockheed remote servo . 3 One that is made in Vietnam. If It's a Girling power stop they are the best It's a bit of a faf doing it but well worthwhile. Best of luck.. Regards Mouse. PS Keep me in the loop..
  10. Hi Dude. Try removing the vacuum servo pipe.but make sure you block of the pipe to manifold or the engine will stall I'm interested to know.keep me in the loop. Regards Mouse..
  11. Hi. Thank's for your comments. Regards Mouse..
  12. Hi. The problem is that I have new discs new callipers and pads. I have tried the tests you mention and all you say I am getting. With the engine turned off if I pump the pedal you can hear the servo hissing and the pedal comer up to the top. I have been told that it may have to bed in and that I am expecting it to be like a modern car. Do you think that 11inches HG would be enough or do you think that an electric vacuum pump would do any good?? Your reply would be good. Regards Mouse..
  13. Hi Gang. I'm still having trouble with the brakes on my Mk.1 Tina. It has a 1600 escort crossflow fitted and a servo. I have had a Vacuum gauge on the inlet manifold at tick over it shows 11 Inches of vacuum. The question is how much Vacuum do I need to operate a remote servo?? Info would be good.. Regards Mouse..
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