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  1. mouse

    SU fuel pumps

    Hi Gang, Does anyone out there know the difference between a suction SU and a pusher SU fuel pump. Or can you use either on either?? I have a Minor 1000 pump (base mounted) and would like to put it in the boot Any comments.. Regards Mouse..
  2. mouse

    Glove box clip

    Hi,Very good.. Regards Mouse..
  3. mouse

    Glove box clip

    Hi.This is twice you have have got me out of the brown stuff. Regards Mouse..
  4. mouse

    Glove box clip

    Hi Thank's for your reply. I now see the the Mk.1 club do one. Regards Iain..
  5. mouse

    Glove box clip

    Hi Gang. I need a glove box plastic clip for my Mk.1 Tina .. After 50 years one of the ears has snapped off-super glue just don't work.. Apart from that has anyone any idea what else will hold it shut.. Regards Mouse..
  6. mouse

    air flow vents

    Hi.Thanks Regards Mouse..
  7. mouse

    air flow vents

    Hi.Yes that's what I want.. Regards Mouse..
  8. mouse

    air flow vents

    Hi,I just need the Aluminium pieces that fit to the dash board I'm not using the eye balls.One of the back bits is riveted on and the other is swagged on-it does not matter which ones I use. If I had your email I could send you a pic.. Regards Mouse..
  9. mouse

    air flow vents

    Hi Gang, Does anybody know any one breaking a Mk.1 4 door air flow Tina?? I need the 2 roundish air vents off the dash that come from the heater. The reason I need these is that I took mine for powder coating and he ruined the castings.. Regards Mouse..
  10. mouse

    Mk.1 Tina door lock

    Hi Gang. I'm looking for a Cortina mk.1 door lock with keys. It needs to be good condition if poss.. I don't need the door handle.. Regards Mouse..
  11. Hi Gang, I want a front quarter light glass for my 1965 4 door Cortina with non opening quarters. I'm sure they are out there somewhere?? Regards Mouse..
  12. Hi Gang, I have a 1965 Mk.1 Tina 4 door and want a pair of front window glass uprights. For non openers. I am converting from openers to non openers. The up rights I need have the bracket on the top for riveting to the door frame. The opening ones are different to the non openers. Regards Mouse..
  13. Hi Pete.if you give me your email address it will be better to communicate rather than the phone. I only have a mobile and that's expensive.. Regards Mouse..
  14. Hi.Pete, Thank's for that.. Are you in the North or the republic? I'l ring you in the next day or so.. Regards Mouse..
  15. Hi Pete, I'm getting very confused at the moment. If you have an email or phone no. can you let me know.. Regards Mouse..
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