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  1. Hi Steve


    Just curious, do you still own my old MK5 you got of me a few years back? CEV 382X, regards, Mark


    1. Steve Walton

      Steve Walton

      Hi Mark,

                        I certainly do still own your old MK5 Ghia. A bit different than when you owned it. Completley rebuilt body and engine and now sporting a 4 Speed Auto Box.

      Any reason for asking?







  2. Hi, looking for a sump for my 1982 2.0 manual Ghia pinto, thanks.
  3. thought mine needed replacing as had power getting to it but would not work, mate of mine who refurbs things like that found the plunger in the solinoid was sticking, so freed it off, £10 fix :)
  4. Hi, you put up a post about a stolen gold mk5 from Caterham, I have a gold mk5 which I have been contacted by Hounslow Police investigating if mine is a stolen one (although mine is a manual, 2.0 ltr), is the one you mentioned been found? thanks, mark.

  5. I have reduced the price as I don't want it sitting doing nothing, I am now asking £2000 NO OFFERS, PLEASE INBOX ME IF INTERESTED, Thanks. *Reduced price does not include the new chrome trim or refurbed weber, these will sell under separate negotiation. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/70752-mk5-20-ghia-for-sale/
  6. I have a mk5 for sale, I'm in Littlehampton. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/70752-mk5-20-ghia-for-sale/page__p__642205#entry642205
  7. Thanks, will make a nice car for someone whos got the time and space :)
  8. Hi, as some will know, bought this car in good faith but got stung with hidden issues, I done some welding (not pretty :unsure: ) but lack of workshop and weather has seen work stall and to be honest lost interest, so I'm putting up for sale, I have put a link to topic describing issues and photos from when I got the car, this way we all know what to expect and nothing is being hidden. In process of fitting new starter motor as just failed. Car located near Littlehampton West Sussex. Looking for £2600 or £2700 with complete chrome window/gutter trim and refurbed 32/36 auto choke weber, never fitted. (selling at a loss!!) Advertised on Car and Classic too. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/69508-my-new-mk5-20-ghia/page__st__90__p__639843#entry639843
  9. Thanks all, looks like Securon it is then :)
  10. Looking for complete shelf mounted rear belts for my MK5 Saloon if anyone can help or if can point me in the right direction. Not worried if Ford or not, so long as they do the job :) THANKS....
  11. Thanks guys, been in touch and have ordered a couple from craig ;)
  12. Hi, URGENTLY after both front door locks/barrels with keys? for mk5, if so how much inc postage to Surrey, thanks, Mark P.S IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE ELSE I COULD TRY PLEASE LET ME KNOW, MANY THANKS :) :thumbup:
  13. Hi, have you got both front door locks/barrels with keys? for mk5, if so how much inc postage, thanks, Mark
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