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  1. Donncha


    It turns out that that the key turns off by itself on a journey probably duet the amount of keys/keyrings hanging from the key ring. I will pm you on the ignition Martyn. Thanks Denis.
  2. Donncha


    Ok, Will do a bit of searching in the area of the switch. Thank you for the replies. Will let ye know how it goes. Thanks Denis.
  3. Donncha


    Hi folks, Looking for a barrel and key/ iginition for a mk5 if any one have one of these. The car cuts out while driving and have to be restarted frequently on a journey. It's a 79 1.6 mk 5 pinto. Thanks Denis.
  4. Donncha

    MK3 PFL

    Thanks Martyn, Very kind of you to look in to it for me. Craig has sorted me out. Big thank you Craig. Denis.
  5. Donncha

    MK3 PFL

    I will pm you Martyn Thanks
  6. Donncha

    MK3 PFL

    Thanks Craig, I will send you a pm. Denis.
  7. Donncha

    MK3 PFL

    Hi Folks, Any bezels around for this type grill ? They are probably pretty scarce now. I am also on a search for a windscreen bottle for a pfl Thanks Denis.
  8. Donncha

    Centre consul

    A big thank you to Craig for the full consul and door card pocket, these were hard to find parts. And thanks to the folks also that offered similar parts. Denis.
  9. Donncha


    Is this open to shipping abroad..... :sofa:
  10. Donncha

    Centre consul

    I have sent a pm Craig. Thanks Denis.
  11. Donncha

    Centre consul

    Thanks Jayne, that would be great. I will pm you once Craig gets back to me. Thanks John, I will see if this is the same piece that Craig have, I will keep in touch. Thanks again to ye. Denis.
  12. Donncha

    Centre consul

    Hi John, Thanks for replying, Hope to source one as in the pic Looking for a drivers door card "pocket" also if there is any about ! Thanks Denis.
  13. Donncha

    Centre consul

    Ok Craig, I will pm you. Thanks.
  14. Donncha

    Centre consul

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a complete centre consul for my MK4, if anyone knows of where one could be got. :) Thanks Denis.
  15. Keith hasn't any to suit Mr Tibbs. Denis.
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