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  1. Hope you get a better quote for it.Best of luck with it.
  2. Hi Folks, I had my 1.6 L out today after the winter it started ok eventually but I did need to use a battery pack for a good spell and eventually it did finally start and drove but it stopped and It swings away fine but no start, plenty petrol and plenty spark at the points so wondering if my plug coil could be the issue, I don't have any access to a multimeter at present.(must invest). Any other ideas to look out for also. ? Thanks Denis.
  3. Suit the car well, less bulky to the Granada type which sets off the car well, I like it
  4. Beautiful condition, best of luck with your sale. A lot of work gone in to this car since you bought it.
  5. Read this tread from the start today, Great story and so lucky to have the car for so long a great history. Love the car.
  6. Wishing you all the best with your recovery deltamal.................. Looking forward to seeing some 2024 out and about photos of your mk3 which I always admire.
  7. I always admire your car John, it always remind me of an exact similar 2000E local to me a good while back now, in 1988 it was sold the engine removed and it was dumped in a quarry such a shame but not unusual for that time.
  8. Lovely art piece.................very best of luck with it, ............credit to you
  9. Thank you for this detailed reply Craig. There is a bit of exploring work to be done sounds like. I am all for reconditioning where and if possible. It is not my own car however, it's my cousin's, he mentioned putting in a Sierra gearbox also to maybe silence the whine although I think that this type of gearbox won't suit the 2.3 engine. I will look out also for a gearbox for him as a last result. Thank you Denis.
  10. Hi Folks, There is a strong whine from the back axle of this mk4 2.3 when driving, could this be repaired or are these axles available to buy. Thanks Denis.
  11. It's a nice design, I do like this car
  12. Doing a bit of browsing in the archives and came across this mk5, it's in a great colour and the wheels are a magnificent match. Is the car still with it's owner of that time ?
  13. Donncha

    GXL Wanted

    I would have thought that there should always be a few gxl's for sale in the Uk as they seem to be the most plentiful in this mk.
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