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  1. Thank you, I do think they set the car off nice.
  2. Just a little update, took the car for its second MOT today and it passed no problem, hard to believe its been on the road for a year even if it hasn't had much use. Finally decided to fit the mud flaps and I'm really pleased with how it looks, I held off fitting them because of the insane price sets go for I was worried about loosing one, the last set of 2 I saw went for £120. The only problem is the instruction picture on the back shows the bolt heads facing outwards towards the tyres which I think doesn't look right so I've turned them round for now. Had to remove the engine a few weeks ago because of a bad oil leak from the sump gasket, when I gave the engine a quick overhaul I used the later one piece rubber gasket, which leaked. Still not learning my lesson I dropped the front cross member and all its attachments and tried another one with the correct sealant, it leaked even worse so I took the engine out this time as its easier and used the original style multi piece gasket with Wells seal. A few miles and weeks later its dry as a bone, apart from normal maintenance and whatever comes up I think she's finally finished so thank you all for the praises, kind words, help and encouragement, it means a lot to me.
  3. Thank you, how’s your mk4 coming on?
  4. Thanks Darren, the springs are 1 inch lower than standard. Greg
  5. DMR

    Hello mate 

    are you the greg I have been speaking to on eBay 



  6. Thanks mate, looking forward to the next instalment of ALN now the roof is done.
  7. Thanks, the only thing is now I want to re-do the rear side panels and arm rests to match.
  8. Thank you, the stereo is a Pioneer KEX73 with a GM4 amp, I have got some bigger amps and a graphic equaliser but as I only have the front speakers its not worth fitting it and tapes just don't sound that great these days. Its what I had fitted to my first Cortina, I had to fit a new drive belt but surprisingly it was available on eBay.
  9. It's not NOS but very close to the original material, I spent some time on fabric supply companies websites sending off for samples until I found this stuff from a company in Germany. It was around £17 a metre plus a quite expensive £35 postage.
  10. Just a small update, I've managed to find some material to repair the sun damaged and torn back seat from a company in Germany. I got a local trim company to sew it all together and I'm really pleased with the colour match and look of the material. I managed to get the back seat back in the car today, so as far as restoration goes I think the car is done. Normal Cortina problems so far have been failed starter motor and split propshaft Guibo joint, the starter I had a spare and the joint I got a new one from Burtons.
  11. It's not on the truck anymore he must have sold it, someone stole both the truck and JOG a few years ago but they were both found and returned.
  12. The car is in the car park of the Jolly Fisherman pub in Greatstone, about 30 minutes from junction 10 of the M20, I think he is on the Cortina owner’s forum. Thank you.
  13. He lives just a couple of minutes away from me, someone I know asked him what he was going to do with it and he told him he was going to scrap it but that was about 3 years ago and it's still there. It desperately needs saving.
  14. Thanks mate, just looking forward to the dryer weather so I can put some miles on it.
  15. I know that Crayford put it in the same place on the later T bar mk4's as well so they must of had a reason, can't see them going to all that trouble just for looks.
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