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  1. M5Greg

    V6 exhaust wanted

    I got mine new on German eBay, delivery cost wasn't too bad.
  2. I need 1 plastic clip that goes on the front bumper end bracket on a mk5.
  3. All sorted, got a full set now.
  4. When I worked at Fords the EFL90 was 1564767 and then went to 1555451, not sure if it's still the same.
  5. If anyone wants one just pm me your address and I'll sort out the delivery and payment with you.
  6. The chassis plates turned up today and I'm impressed with how they turned out.
  7. No worries, I'll put you on the list.
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="littlenewt2067" data-cid="666160" data-time="1512002272"><p> I may be able to help Greg</p></blockquote> If you can that would really help me out as I cant put the axle back together without one.
  9. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="littlenewt2067" data-cid="666159" data-time="1512002226"><p> If your not sorted I will have one greg</p></blockquote> Thats great, let me know what I owe you and Ill paypal or send you the money.
  10. Hi all, As soon as I get the order I'll post the pictures and then I'll sort out payment. Cheers Greg
  11. The originals are just hand stamped from the top with an ordinary set of stamps, they are not reverse stamped like the normal Ford ones. The dilemma is have them stamped straight and even so they look right or go for the original all over the place look.
  12. I need one 5&1/2 J 13 steel sports wheel for my mk5 minus tyre and willing to post, they are going for refurb so don't need to be perfect.
  13. The chassis plate on my Carbodies Cortina has seen better days so I've found a company that can replicate them but I've had to have a minimum order made. If anyone with a Carbodies is interested in one they will work out a £15 each, I'm not out to make any money on them this is what they are costing me. The plates come unstamped and going by the originals you need to be drunk as a skunk to get them the same as your original one.
  14. I need a 9in rear brake back plate for a mk5 but needs to be in good condition as one of mine is to badly pitted to use.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for 2 of the brackets on the mk5 that are bolted to the calliper and hold the brake hoses, they need to be in excellent condition as all the ones I've tried so far are after a good clean to thin to support the hose.
  16. I need to either buy or borrow the high pressure power steering pipe for my mk5 V6, my one has been repaired and bent so badly out of shape I can't even get one re made. So even if I can borrow one have it copied and return it that would be a great help.
  17. It looks good in the photo, I could never decide between the 4 & 5 convertibles to which one I liked the best.
  18. I meet the owner of this car about 25 years ago and took some photos of it, I think it was in the midlands somewhere. It was a really nice clean car, the owner said he had just got the car out of storage.
  19. I think mk2 addict had some Turkish ones and they looked the full ones with the front jacking strengthening plate.
  20. Still looking for a genuine one.
  21. This is the LHD one before it left the UK
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