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  1. Has anyone got any 4 door mk1 gutters trims for sale? Thanks
  2. FLEET

    mk1 gt half shafts wanted

    Hi Andy I have a pair, pm if you're interested
  3. FLEET


    I have a gt remote, pm me if interested
  4. FLEET

    Mk1 Cebtre Console

    I have a console in good condition, looking for £499. Pm for pictures
  5. FLEET

    Mk1 Pre Crossflow Oil cap

    Sorted now.
  6. FLEET

    Mk1 Pre Crossflow Oil cap

    I'll pass thanks Dave
  7. FLEET

    Mk1 Pre Crossflow Oil cap

    Hi has anyone got a Mk1 oil cap for sale?
  8. FLEET

    13x6 minilights

    Has anyone got a set of 4 13x6 minilights for sale?
  9. Has anyone got a pair of inner wing top mount repair panels for sale? Chris
  10. FLEET

    5.5J steel slotted type wheels

    The 5.5 slotted steels are mk1 escort Mexico wheels.
  11. FLEET

    Mk1 gt centre console

    Thank you Hans
  12. FLEET

    Mk1 gt centre console

    Have you got a link?
  13. FLEET

    Mk1 gt centre console

    Have you got any pictures
  14. FLEET

    Servo non return valve

    eBay number 361912613397
  15. FLEET

    Gxl pillar badges

    They did make gxl badges in silver, I've had a few new old stock un opened boxed badges in silver.