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  1. I welded a small rod on to the existing accelerator pedal and then used a sytec throttle cable block...simples..
  2. Quote of the year goes to.... Sheffieldcortinacentre.
  3. Mk2 All day long... My first car was a mk2 given to me by my dad... And I'm 52 now and still own one, unfortunately not the same one, that ended it's life buried into the railings by Basildon Hospital not long after my dad gave it to me..got a clout round the earhole for that as he had owned from new without a scratch for 12years...
  4. Speak to the guys at gaz they'll help you out....
  5. RVI generally wont work with electronic ignition unless converted. I used a smiths RVC rev counter from an MGB in my mk2 fitted with electronic ignition.
  6. I have acquired an rx8 6speed gearbox to go into the Cortina has anyone on here done this ?? The car is a 1966 mk2 early series1 currently running a connaught built 1690 crossflow. I have all the components for the conversion but just need to know about the gearbox mounts and any other problems we are likely to encounter. Thank you Steve.
  7. nosher


    Alfa Romeo 156 seats.. Fitted a pair in our mk2... Very comfortable..
  8. Hi Conrad.. Do you have front jacking points for a mk2 ? Cheers Steve.
  9. Will try to post a couple of photos in the week...
  10. That's exactly what i did.. Works perfect....
  11. nosher

    Mk2 S1 Tacho

    You have an RVI tacho that don't normally wok with electronic ignition, you can get it converted to RVC spec that will work with electronic ignition. Costs vary depending on who does it, or you can buy a conversation kit from ebay and do it yourself. I bought an RVC rev counter from an MG and adapted it to fit my mk2.
  12. Maybe fuel evaporation.. An electric fuel pump will cure that... Good luck..
  13. I've got An Accuspark kit on mine.. Works fine, you'll have to get your rev counter converted to RVC spec as RVI does not work with electronic ignition.
  14. What was wrong ?? And is it going now ? We broke down a few years ago in wales, split the top of the rad... An old boy stopped and got us to follow him to his work shop, he brazed the rad up and made us tea... And we had to argue to get him to take some money...
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