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  1. Hi Conrad.. Do you have front jacking points for a mk2 ? Cheers Steve.
  2. nosher

    1600E /GT seats

    Got a pair of front seats for a Mk2 1600E/GT, tilt and recline. Drivers seat has a few rips but nothing major, the diaphragm on the seat base is beyond repair, it has a "temporary repair" made with a small ratchet strap and some cable ties... Passenger seat is in fair condition however the diaphragm is starting to go. Collection only from Rochester Kent. Offers £... PM for photos. Cheers Steve.
  3. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231867183642&alt=web
  4. nosher

    mk2 rev counter

    That's great, Thank you...
  5. nosher

    mk2 rev counter

    Chaps I'm after a rev counter for the mk2.. Mine is very erratic at the moment.... Thank you Steve.
  6. nosher

    Mk2 track rod ends..

    Thank you.. All sorted now...
  7. Hi I'm after a set of track rod ends for my mk2, both inner and outer and the adjusting bar (nearside not sure if they are side specific ) Many thanks Steve
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a couple of heater control cable retaining clips as both mine broke during heater box removal... Many thanks Steve
  9. Hi Neil, Welcome to buysellcortina, the guys on here are awesome and will answer any questions you ask when restoring your 1600E. Like you my first car was a MK2 and went on to own 5 before I was 19 ! I bought my latest cortina last year after lusting after one for 20 odd years, we use it as often as possible and always puts a smile on my chops . Hope you have as much fun as we do .. Steve and Shar
  10. nosher

    1600E front struts

    Hi all, Looking for a pair of 1600E front struts to have reconditioned, I did buy a pair off EBAY but one had a damaged stub axle, Many thanks Nosher
  11. Mine top is an early model, 1966, but fitted with later GT axle and suspension set up..
  12. Hi all I'm after a set of leaf spring shackles for my mk2, can't seem to find any... Is there a set for another model that will fit mine ??? Any help appreciated.. Many thanks Steve
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