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  1. Cheers I’ve got one on order now.
  2. Hi, I’ve worked out why my car pulls to one side when braking (see picture). Does anyone one have a pair of Mk3 Facelift tie bars? I don’t remember hitting a massive bump (I could have done with all the pot holes around here). Is it possible for this to have been caused the by tie bar’s connection to the chassis being too tight? Cheers Paul
  3. Hi, Yeah, I’ll go for the send and return lines. It would be Facelift I would like for the metal pipes (on the crossmember). Thanks Paul
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a full fuel line for a Mk3 with a Pinto, but particularly the metal pipes. Also, a double-pipe fuel sender would be handy. Thanks Paul
  5. Hi, Does anyone have one of those partitions that go behind the back seat. My Mk3 doesn't have one and I'm paranoid that I'm going to loose something down under the seat. Thanks Paul
  6. peej

    Mk3/4/5 pinto sump

    Thanks, I'll bear that in mind.
  7. peej

    Mk3/4/5 pinto sump

    Hi, I'm looking for a mk3/4/5 pinto sump. Cheers Paul
  8. peej

    Mk3 Pinto engine mounts

    Thanks My car is a facelift. Are they likely to fit?
  9. Hi, I'm after some standard mk3 pinto engine mounts, so that I can paint them and fit them with my new engine. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a 2.0L Pinto timing belt cover. Cheers Paul
  11. peej

    Garage Clear out

    Hi, Is this still for sale? Cheers
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