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  1. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    This is how much is cut out but I'd like a few inches around the hole thats there. .... IMG_5289 by Joe Trott, on Flickr
  2. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    Very possibly fella! how much do you want for it?
  3. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    Thanks Phorbuiz! Very possibly! Are mk3-4-5 the same shape?
  4. Im looking for a mk3 manual gearbox tunnel, I mainly need the area around the gearstick hole but as much as poss if anyone has a rotten shell. I'll be going to Cortina day in June. Thanks
  5. Is the rear axle still available Mark?
  6. JoeyGXL

    72 Mk3 1600L

    Here's a wee video....
  7. JoeyGXL

    72 Mk3 1600L

    Thanks mate! :thumbup:
  8. JoeyGXL

    72 Mk3 1600L

    Thanks Fella :thumbup:
  9. JoeyGXL

    72 Mk3 1600L

    *It has 9 months MOT* - time flys!!
  10. JoeyGXL

    72 Mk3 1600L

    So circumstances have arisen and I am looking to sell my red 4 door 1600 xflow. The 711M engine was freshly rebuilt at the beginning of the year to standard spec..... see my topic.... https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/71598-mk3-sunset-red-1600l/ It has excellent running gear, the rear axle, front xmember and gearbox were all from a very low milage 1300L (meaning the rear axle is a 4.11 but it drives very well) She also has standard shocks and springs all round so she's very comfy and wallowy to drive. I had some front end welding done to her earlier in the year so the engine bay is all painted and detailed. The plan was to do the whole car as it still needs a few bits looking at. It has crusty rear arches and lower quarters. And overall the paint looks good from a far, but far from good. I have a pair of rust free 2nd hand wings and a NOS gen ford rear quarter section for one side, and an after marked wheel arch for the other side which will be included if I get my asking price. It has 11 months MOT ready to go and is super reliable. I have been driving it daily for the last few weeks and shes been spot on! There were a few little niggles such as the temp gauge not working properly, a pin hole in the heater matrix and a small vac leak in the carb caused by the base gasket. These have all since been fixed! It has brand new tyres on the front, as well as nearly new on the rear, new front brake lines, shoes and recent pads. As you may know I bought this car in 2012 with a 3.5 rover v8 fitted. And I have recently put it back to standard 1600L spec. The conversion had very little in the way of body modifications so it was easy to put back - The tunnel and bulkhead were untouched aside from the gearshift hole being widened (this has been cut out and a hole from a scrap mk3 welded back in), Aside from that it had only had the standard radiator mounts cut out as well as the inner valance to make room for a bigger radiator, these have all been replaced professionally with new panels (again please see my topic) I was planning on keeping the car a while longer and getting the few areas of rust that are on the rear wheel arches and rear quarters repaired and the whole car painted. I will throw in a few other goodies if I get my asking price such as a pair of gt tombstones, set of dartboard style wheels (in need of refurb) A 32/36 carb and manifold and maybe a few other spares along with the panels. The car is ready to drive every day, and is a absolute joy to drive. Wasn't planning on selling but something has come up. £4250 Located in Bristol. If anyone is interested please PM me with your email address and I will send more detailed pictures! Cheers
  11. If I can somehow collect it on my way up north next week, I'll have it!
  12. Im interested, PM sent!
  13. JoeyGXL

    Koln Axle for 1600

    I take it the little tag on the diff plate is no longer present? If its from a 1600 it should be a 3.89. Paul Buzzard did mention the ones he sold to you were the ones I'm after.
  14. JoeyGXL

    Koln Axle for 1600

    Yes I saw that, bit far. thanks though!
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