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  1. I had a v6 in her but put her back to standard 2.0 before I sold her on, I dont have many pics on my work computer but here is one from 2015...
  2. Yes I used to own UGV252J "Maizey" for nearly 10 years, I sold her to Corty Paul who has since sold her on, I am in contact with the new owner but he isnt on this forum from my knowledge so I wont post any details for obvious reasons! Safe to say shes in good hands and still very much roadworthy. Prior to my ownership she was turned into a Corgi model... And when I had her I did a photoshoot with Retro Ford mag, and that pic has circulated the internet since then, and that pic on that T-shirt is the same one. Its also on the burton Power website....
  3. She's my car Tony, my name is Joe
  4. Looks like its only a few inches longer than a RV8, my advice is dont compromise on radiator size because of space restrictions. Its looking good so far Tony
  5. Looking amazing Murv! Bet thats a great feeling seeing her in paint after all the work!
  6. I have a rover v8 in mine, its a shame photobucket has to be such a d1ck otherwise I've loads of pics to share. Rovers are still plentiful and cheap as is to buy, however I understand both the SBC and SBF are a fraction smaller. It will be just as much effort to put any v8 in but something worth thinking about. 302s and 350 chevs cost a bomb in the country though. But again if you want to modify any of those engines for power it will cost the same and you'll get more from a SBC or SBF. My rv8 is in a mk3 bay with the least amount of mods to the shell - only the inner valance and radiator mounts have been removed to fit the radiator. There are no mods to the bulkhead and gearbox tunnel, although lots of people do this for space so its up to you how and where you mount it and wheather you ever want to put the car back to standard. Gearbox wise, if you arent bothered about cutting the shell, a Lt77 or later rover 5 speed box will go in but because it is a tall box you need to cut and raise the gearbox tunnel by an inch or two. When i had a 3.5 rv8 in another mk3, it was mated to a type 5 4speed (3.0 capri) gearbox using a rover auto bellhousing with a plate on the back of it that had the holes drilled to fit the ford box. That box fits in the tunnel fine, however you have to enlarge the hole where the gearstick pops out as it all sits further back. Its a strong enough box for the 3.5 as that engine only makes about 130/150bhp. But then I upgraded the engine to a 4.6 Rv8 and the box wasnt happy. That box has been rebuild twice but I am upgrading to a Borg Warner T5 5 speed. My old box and bellhousing very well might be for sale soon. The T5 I have is from a sierra cosworth, however in the TVR Griffith and Chimeara the T5 was behind the high powered rover v8s so you can buy a bellhousing built for the job although its been my experience they are hard to find! And as Rich says, they are set up for a hydraulic clutch set up. I have just bought another conversion bellhousing for it using a rover auto bellhousing and a plate bolted to the back - The reason the auto bellhousing is used is because it has a flat face where it bolts to the box so its easy to use a flat plate for whatever gearbox you want. I have one of these for sale at the mo. There are lots of variations of the t5 with the main differences being the gear ratios and tailhousings where the shifter is mounted. I have gone with a cossie box as it has the best gear ratios for my purpose and a standard ford type 9 etc main shaft so I can retain the same clutch, spigot ect. I have gone for a 80s/90s mustang tailhousing as this puts the shifter in the right position and also is one of the only other versions of the box with a mechanical speedo drive. The TVR T5s and later Mustang T5s use electric speedos. Although I still need to get my prop shaft yoke moddified and the speedo drive repositioned on the main shaft so its no walk in the park. But essentially the T5 does fit in the tunnel! They are expesive though! I also have a mk3 capri with a 3.5 rv8 mated to a Sd1 auto box (Borg warner BW65) which works very well and i am pretty sure would fit a cortina tunnel without mods but dont quote me on that. Again it depends on what you want from the car, a lot of people turn their noses up at auto boxes but having one behind a lazy v8 ..... happy days! Any more questions please feel free to ask!
  7. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    This is how much is cut out but I'd like a few inches around the hole thats there. .... IMG_5289 by Joe Trott, on Flickr
  8. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    Very possibly fella! how much do you want for it?
  9. JoeyGXL

    Mk3 Gearbox tunnel

    Thanks Phorbuiz! Very possibly! Are mk3-4-5 the same shape?
  10. Im looking for a mk3 manual gearbox tunnel, I mainly need the area around the gearstick hole but as much as poss if anyone has a rotten shell. I'll be going to Cortina day in June. Thanks
  11. Thanks Steve! (it probably would have been obvious if I had gone out to the garage to look but its warm inside! haha)
  12. Quickfire question for 10 points! What thread are the four 17mm bolts that hold the gearbox xmember to the body?
  13. Hi Richard! Ah yes that does look quite large!? I might have to fit that remotely? Maybe hang on for a mo, i'll see if I can find something a bit smaller, but it might be my only option? Many thanks!
  14. Ah thats very kind of you Richard thank you! I'll have to wait and see what thread the pushrod is as there doesnt seem to be as much info online for this MC unlike the AP one. It might very well be M8?? Ah thats a good idea about the clevis! I think i can work out the length I need based on the width of my pedal, although I might trouble you for hole positions when I start to think about drilling! Did you drill from behind the bulkhead into the engine bay or vice-versa?
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