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  1. markd

    Diff flange wanted

  2. HI ALL, IM AFTER A PAIR OF WEBER 40DCOE's EITHER 18's, 31's or 151's just seeing whats about, anyone got anything thanks in advance
  3. got one , so no longer needed
  4. As titke suggests, anyone got a mk2 series2 (eg 1.3, 1.6 xflow) clutch slave cylinder, doesnt have to be new, but would consider one to rebuild. regards
  5. markd

    vv carb wanted

    hi, ive got a pinto transit one, if thats any good regards
  6. Pm you I think, if not let me know as I have a pair, Regards mark
  7. hi, are you still looking for a pair of top spring cups? regards, mark
  8. Hi all, as title suggests, anyone got a reasonable ski slope for a mk1 gt/lotus centre console, thanks in advance
  9. Thanks all, now sorted
  10. that sounds good, you can unzip the top of these seats, remove the foam filler and get your 4 point harness through them, then put them back afterwards, regards
  11. hi, yes the side glass is flat so it was easy to make a ply wood template and have a company make them, regards
  12. i did have some corsair ones but they didnt look right so i went to the scrap yard and found some out of an early mazda mx5 and made some sub frames
  13. hi, no worries thats what i did when i did away with the wind down windows and 1/4 light on my 4 door, and yes, its a 4 door! regards, mark
  14. markd

    Mk1 Petrol Tank

    I have a used one without drain valve, its got a few dents but should be good, been dry stored for about 5 years Let me know, regards mark
  15. hi, ive got both rear door glasses with regulators and quarter lights with rubbers, but to be honest i would rather sell as a complete lot , let me know if you are interested, regards mark
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