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  1. i dont suppose you have the sandwich plate for sale do you? regards mark
  2. Hi all, still want a sandwich plate if anyone has anything regards
  3. Hi, what you have i think is a sandwich plate for a pinto with an c3 automatic gearbox (starter on the drivers side ,I need one of those but the other hand, starter on the passenger side. Thank you anyway, hopes this helps you to identify it. the one to fit the type 9 five speed is the same. i believe, as a type E 4 speed thank you anyway regards
  4. Hi anyone out there got a standard sandwich plate that fits between a 2.0 pinto and a type 9 5 speed they no longer need thanks in advance
  5. yh , thank you for that, i did this and it improved slightly, im having the prop balanced later this week, its also suggested that the gearbox rear bearing could be shot?
  6. Hi All, just complete a transmission overhaul on my mk 1 and i have found ive got a high frequency vibration that appears to be speed related and starts at about 60mph could it be propshaft balancing? any ideas thanks in advance Mark
  7. Hi All, having spent a long time restoring and modifying my Mk1 ive decided i'd like to get away from the old cortina gearbox and so fitted a close ratio 2000E box. but i still used the old sprung clutch cover but bedcause the engine is now producing approx 145bhp the clutch is slipping under full throttle. So i fitted a diaphram clutch cover. The issue i have is that a diaphram cover is not as deep as a spring cover so the release bearing is too far away to operate properly. Anyone out there ever had the same issues and been able to rectify it. thank you in advance
  8. markd

    Diff flange wanted

  9. HI ALL, IM AFTER A PAIR OF WEBER 40DCOE's EITHER 18's, 31's or 151's just seeing whats about, anyone got anything thanks in advance
  10. got one , so no longer needed
  11. Hi all, anyone out there in cortina land know how long a mk2 hydraulic clutch push rod should be, or has anyone got a spare one? regards
  12. As titke suggests, anyone got a mk2 series2 (eg 1.3, 1.6 xflow) clutch slave cylinder, doesnt have to be new, but would consider one to rebuild. regards
  13. markd

    vv carb wanted

    hi, ive got a pinto transit one, if thats any good regards
  14. Pm you I think, if not let me know as I have a pair, Regards mark
  15. hi, are you still looking for a pair of top spring cups? regards, mark
  16. Hi all, as title suggests, anyone got a reasonable ski slope for a mk1 gt/lotus centre console, thanks in advance
  17. Thanks all, now sorted
  18. that sounds good, you can unzip the top of these seats, remove the foam filler and get your 4 point harness through them, then put them back afterwards, regards
  19. hi, yes the side glass is flat so it was easy to make a ply wood template and have a company make them, regards
  20. i did have some corsair ones but they didnt look right so i went to the scrap yard and found some out of an early mazda mx5 and made some sub frames
  21. hi, no worries thats what i did when i did away with the wind down windows and 1/4 light on my 4 door, and yes, its a 4 door! regards, mark
  22. markd

    Mk1 Petrol Tank

    I have a used one without drain valve, its got a few dents but should be good, been dry stored for about 5 years Let me know, regards mark
  23. hi, ive got both rear door glasses with regulators and quarter lights with rubbers, but to be honest i would rather sell as a complete lot , let me know if you are interested, regards mark
  24. markd


    thanks for that, but £500 is a little beyond my budget, but thanks anyway
  25. hi all, im after a set of mk5 ghia alloys
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