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  1. rob86

    Breaking x3 mk3

    Can you send me a quote for the following: Rear lights Front lights (twin headlamps) Front indicator Front grill (twin headlamps) Thanks
  2. Thanks I'll be sure to :) My mechanic is a friend who replaced the starter motor a while back so it's warranted still. I was but it says access denied recently so I'm guessing I need to contact Helena to renew my subscription!
  3. Always toying with the idea of a different engine, I'm not fussed on speed, more about the drive, sound, and something she deserves which if I was to change the lump would have to be for a V8! Being a 2.0 GT 2 door I just can't bring myself to change it! Who knew there was a part of me that liked some things kept original!
  4. I was at Bournemouth wheels festival, I've had some problems with the starter motor/battery/alternator this summer. She seems to let me down every time just before a show. I've got my mechanic over this week so hoping to make it to the CCOTP at Christchurch at the end of the month! Will upload some more pics tomorrow, lots of little tweaks going on at the moment!
  5. Still going for anyone interested :)
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