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  1. The alloys were an option. Albeit rarely seen. Much more common on the contemporary Taunus Ghia (maybe even standard).
  2. Should be standard on a 2.3 but like hens teeth on other versions
  3. I've used a few of these and they all come with some form of 3m sticky mounts to go straight on the windscreen. Best place is by the mirror. Some have a screen so that you can check the angle of the lens so that you don't record the bonnet. Others, you have to link it to your phone or worse still, trial and error till you get the right angle. Good luck!
  4. Definitely the way to go. Can't be much interest in something that clearly was never going to get off the ground. If someone had the space to store the interior, could always be put back. But it's so shocking, I can't bring myself to look at again. You could develop a phobia of travelling in cars from something like that.
  5. Glad to hear you don't need to sell anymore. Like Stevewes, I'd have sold the Crusader as well as it would be the easiest to replace when circumstances change. Enjoyed reading your resto thread on the 1.3L. Seems like you've got a soft spot for that one and your MK4 is probably unique!
  6. Superb. Great colour for a mk3. Hats off to you for prepping a car which had been of the road for so long in just a month! Fair play to your good lady as well. My missus would have taken a lot of persuading to do a journey like that in an old motor!
  7. Chopped would be amazing. Also, with faux woody side panelling, even though it's not an estate.
  8. For some reason, silver/grey can be a bit lost on a mk3. Probably all the shapes, curves and chrome work. If it has Rostyles and red interior, that could be enough to set it all off. But for what it's worth, I'd be inclined to do as Ste says and go green and tan.
  9. By the way, love the car - a great effort considering the extent of the rust!
  10. They might you know. Could be a good story / publicity for them. They could ask the supplier of the part to help with components and then it's their labour. When I used to have a job doing parts deals with the motor trade, I used to get the odd requests to support publicity like this and I'd always help out if it was a good, loyal branch or if I could get them to buy some more parts on the back of it. On the other hand, they could run a mile but if you don't ask.......
  11. And here's a Ford chart from1979 showing the later options. Can't think I've seen a MK4 in Tuscan Beige or Calypso Green though? Neither this nor the charts on the links from Consul315 include Peppermint Green or Gemini Blue which were pretty rare.
  12. Had a copy years back but lost it. From what I remember of the original MK4 colours ( at launch) it goes like this: SOLID Diamond White Venetian Red Nevada Beige Bermuda Blue Royal Blue Peppermint Green Laurel Green METALLIC Arizona Gold Roman Bronze Jade Green Miami Blue Red Velvet Platinum Silver Plus the signal colours and SVO black. Might have missed the odd solid colour. The last three metallics were very similar to Cosmos Blue, Jupiter Red and Strato Silver (which replaced them) and can easily be confused. Hope that helps till someone puts a chart up.
  13. This car is bad but not really as bad as you'd think it could be, although it haven't seen it close up. I remember seeing some horrendous rust on mk3 & 4 Cortinas and mk1 & mk2 (pre-facelift) Grannys on hol in Brighton in the mid '80s. Much worse than anything I was used to in Coventry (and there were some bad ones there). The worst I ever saw were in Kilkee, County Clare on the West coast of Ireland. It was 1989 and before the time of the Irish MOT. The Mk3s and Mk4s must have rusted into thin air as I didn't see a single one. Still some Mk5s but you can't believe how bad they were. The worst was a white 1.6 L 1981 spec. I wish I had a photo. The leading edges of nearly all the panels were lacework and the sills and wheel arches had almost disintegrated. The rust in the boot lid had eaten up to where the badges were and the bottom corners of all the doors were just gone, revealing the base of the b post. Felt like if you slammed the door, the whole thing would have collapsed in a pile of dust. 8 years old and way to far gone even for the track but still road legal.
  14. They could have googled Ford Cortina and worked out within about 2 mins that it was a mark 3 instead of the waffle about how it could have been down there for 50 years. Talking of waffle, it made me wonder how the Doctor would have described how the car got there. On 26th November 1983, 6 gentlemen organised a large scale transfer of some gold bullion from a warehouse at Heathrow airport. Large commercial vehicles were used along with a Cortina for decoy and intelligence purposes, acquired from the local community. Once the transfer had been completed successfully, the Cortina was returned to nature discreetly in the early hours of the morning to avoid any business complications. There it sat for 32 years but now, with Mark 3 Cortinas among the rarest cars in existence, and submerged, water damaged vehicles being the most desirable models, we offer this example for sale with an amazingly low four figure reserve. Original vs Restored .........l
  15. ...or should I say signal pink/red 1980... You know what I mean.
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