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  1. Dudes, Looking for a full set of NOS Mk5 Chrome Door Handles. If anyone has a full set, please PM me. Thanks as always
  2. MK5dude

    mk5 sunroof

    Hi and welcome you could try www.goldendaysparts.co.uk/oroldpartsstore.net worth a try [/url]
  3. dude you are a lifesaver. Thank you PM on its way :cheers:
  4. Dudes, the trim turned up today, looks ok but still need the corner pieces if any one can help? Going to try to get them fitted this weekend :magic:
  5. Dudes I have ordered the Chrome roof guttter trims from East Kent Trims but they informed me they dont sell the corner trim pieces. Anyone got any or know where i can get some? :cheers:
  6. Hi Tom How about a rear bumper? Is it Chrome or black? I have a MK5 Crusader in two tone so ideally Black. Look forward to hearing from you
  7. Hi all I'm after a Mk5 rear bumper (in black as car is two tone) if anybody has one please thanks dudes
  8. Hi Im after the rear C Piller interior panels. How much do you want and are they in good nick? Many thanks Dude
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