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  1. Dudes, seen lots of youtube clips of old inline fuel filters degrading because of E10 fuel. So, it seems i have to sacrifice originality and change all the fuel lines now... Mk5 with the original VV carb. Any dudes know the internal diameter of the fuel lines I may have. Also been told to replace the inline fuel filter with 81.0231 K&N inline filter which is E10 resilient .... any thoughts??
  2. Problem solved..... daytime driving only dude.... I hate electrics...I'm sure the guys/girls on here will be able to help further
  3. Hi, did they ever work dude? If it helps, In Haynes manual it states there are four headlamp fuses located within a relay behind the windscreen washer reservoir. 1 - 16A L/H dipped Headlight 2 - 16A R/H dipped Headlight 3- 16A R/H main beam headlight and L/H aux light 4- 16A L/H main beam headlight and R/H aux light
  4. Ahhh thanks JS Dude for trying mate. I really appreciate it, alas ...wrong ones.... yep its the rear ones i'm after
  5. Dudes, can anyone tell me where I may find a set of C Pillar interior trims for my Crusader. Mine are worse for wear and I have been searching for a while now with no luck. Thanks in advance
  6. Stunning dude, what a beauty , as corty1 said, someone will be getting an awesome car mate
  7. Dudes.... what a mare!!! So ....reversed out the garage this morning onto the driveway, then phone rang so turned off "Tina" , ran indoors to take the call. After 5 mins went to start her.......NOTHING, no clicks no ignition lights, absolutely nada!!! Right here we go (she has never let me down in the 15 years she has been in the family).. so first of all looked at the fuses. Fuse 7, 8amp for the indicators, stop lights ect had blown... so I replaced for new... still nothing, took another look and now noticed Fuse 1, 16amp interior lights hazards horn had blown... only had one spare so though better not replace it until problem is sorted...... a lot of head scratching, swearing and 3 cups of tea later I couldn't diagnose a fault so I bit the bullet and called the nice people at the AA (fifth emergency service) . 20 mins later (amazing service) a young chap tuned up and his face was beaming...."my dads got one on these" he joyfully shouted..."WICKED" I told him the fault and within 2 mins had diagnosed the problem. On the starter motor solenoid, a wire had come loose, still attached to the terminal but wasn't fully connected, so he pushed it fully home, replaced the fuses that I had already replaced and WOLLA.. up she fired. Happy days .... then he said "shall we hug now" LOL Just thought I'd share with you guys in case it ever happens to you...check the terminals for good connection. CHEERS DUDES
  8. Brill, many thanks dudes for your replies
  9. Thanks dudes, Do the MOT's officially stop now or are they April too?
  10. Dudes HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my car has now turned 40 (life begins for her now!!) Registered 17/8/82, so can you guys tell me what i need to do now please? I know it becomes tax free and dont need an MOT (car is in perfect condition) but slightly confused as to what i have to do next. As always, thanks in advance for your assistance dudes
  11. Good point dude, agreed the information is only as good as the data they hold.
  12. Been a while since I have been on here.....I have been away but now "back in the room" Not too many left now....
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