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  1. Museum at Hockenheim Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum The planes inc Concorde are on the roof !!! This is the information board for the car in the next photo, and who thought 4 wheel drive / steering is not that old. On the road to Nurburgring The Hotel bar at Nurburgring. The hotel glass lift is visible on the right. Time to go home waiting for the ferry at Calais Our Final Breakfast together at Dover before we set off home, our total mileage for the whole trip was 2,738, using about 80ish! Gallons of fuel. Our Oldest (Len) and youngest ( Lauren ) travellers on the trip
  2. More Cortina Pics Leaving Cortina on the way to Davos Centre of Davos Hockenheim Some teambuilding event was going on, Somebody obviously thought an Armani suit was the order of the day !!! Poor Brett trying to fix his brakes before the rain came Poor Pete getting soaked trying to fix his electric's Everybody busy washing their cars before going on the race track
  3. Hi Malcom, Hope you and Dale are well, 1,800 pics my goodness, this is a great pic of your car you need to get it framed. Yes we will be at Symonds all being well. John & Anne
  4. Ferry to Varese Hotel at Varese by the racetrack On the road to Lake Garda by passing Milan we were joined by a 'Geordie' Mk2 Lake Garda Couldn't resist this little wedding car ( and it was a British wedding ) Cortina
  5. Yes it was a fabulous sunset, shame we could only have one night there !!. Loads more pics to come
  6. Please be gentle with us we are new at this !!! its taken us all day just to do these few. Here are a few more. Dijon Our first taste of real French Cuisine Montreux On the way to Varese Time for lunch on top of the Simplon Pass
  7. Graham's nightmare!! Reims Leaving Reims New Trams at Dijon
  8. We thought it was about time we shared some of our photos, and to say thank you once again to Graham, Claire, Pete & Lynn for organising a once in a lifetime trip. These two V.W's were parked near us at the services on the M6 Toll road. A tight squeeze on the outbound ferry to Dunkirk. Our first stop on French soil.
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