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  1. helena

    Duke Blues

    great news about the car is not for sale
  2. helena


  3. Thanks Pete i am glad you like them and this is just the start of the items being reproduced in fibre glass
  4. helena

    nec wrist bands

    yes 3 different colours build up passes you have to have the form filled in and pick them up on the day plus have the high vis jackets on
  5. helena

    nec wrist bands

    the 2 bands are provisionally sold to lotuscops
  6. helena

    nec wrist bands

    yes if you phone 07876252472 when you are on your way i will meet you at the entrance, the wrist bands get you in from 8am in the morning do you want to pay us on the day or can send payment as a gift via paypal
  7. helena

    nec wrist bands

    the 2 i have are for friday but we have the option to exchange them for any other day if requested
  8. helena

    nec wrist bands

    We have 2 wrist bands for sale 15.00 each Usually 19.00 You can have them for either Friday sat or for the Sunday Just let me know what day you want to go Offer closes at 9pm as we are heading down early Thursday morning
  9. pm sent I would be interested in purchasing this
  10. It wasn't an estate, but thank you for thinking of me! It was a 2000E automatic with tan interior and a black vinyl roof. Was owned in London in '82 but thats all I know, will post some old photos soon when I can scan them in. Would be amazing to find it!

  11. 79fd4b85.jpg

    this is the only red estate i know of i know it has irish plates but the previous owner bought the car from a member in coventry

    all the best


  12. has to be the MK3 that why we have 7 of them and our son has just bought one :) we did have a mk4 once but we sold it to buy another mk3
  13. helena

    1980 ford cortina

    sorry did do the email correct Email jc@kapiandclarke.com.pg
  14. helena

    1980 ford cortina

    sorry just noticed i had put the wrong email address in jc@kapiandclarke.com
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