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  1. Uniroyal ? Got these on mine ............ https://www.tyres-outlet.co.uk/product/uniroyal/rallye-380/175-80-r13/r-256667
  2. I suppose that's what Auctions are about really. Remembering the couple who wanted a "wind up Gramophone" they got separated at the entrance to the sale and suddenly realised the lot they were interested was being bid on ... It turned out afterwards they were the only two people bidding on it and were bidding against each other ! The Cortina in the Mathewson's auction exited me for about half an hour, until I realised it would likely "go" way beyond its reserve. And in fairness was (mileage aside, with its "ticking cam" heard on the video) a truer value given its issues and need for plenty of TLC and further expenditure.
  3. This one https://mathewsons.co.uk/auctions/auction-dates/vehicles/17162-1979-ford-cortina-s I was almost interested in it .... Almost.
  4. I liked the comment Derek Mathewson once made about mind changing, on that Bangers and Cash programme. "Some owners can't decide when to wash them, never mind sell them !"
  5. Last V5 issued in 2016. Could be
  6. I can't wait to get all four of these on ... 175 80 13 Uniroyal, Rallye
  7. To the best of my knowledge, no strengthening plate. Just the inner wing and the "bucket" underneath ..... On a GT.
  8. Hmm, ..... I've clicked past that particular listing. I'm not sure TBH, it certainly is what it is. Time to ask the seller for some more info' maybe. Curious, I wonder are the elements stuck to the glass like, as in accessory, or etched in, as in manufactured like that ?
  9. Thank you, that's "brill" and a tick off the list. Could you please PM (DM) me with your payment details, I'll let you have my address for forwarding the part. Very many thanks Steve.
  10. As per title really, I'm on the lookout for a "good" Triplex type heated rear window for a mark 2. I know, I know, just asking ... Oh and a 1600E spare wheel clamp, please ?
  11. I've always tried to use 175/80 's they're the "tallest" section you can get (I believe) and don't affect the overall "gearing" https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tools/tyre-size-calculator
  12. Hmmm., I've never unscrambled the Mercedes model code ether, gentlemen, not to mention the Engine codes ether ! I've recently bought a BMW, long story, blame it on Windows 10 ! And they "do it" too. It seems I have an "E46, with an N42, B18 Engine" . I'll look up Russel's latest acquisition with interest.
  13. It seems Russel could be "something of a butterfly" with cars ... He had a very nice Capri for a while ... Part exchanged it for a very nice XJ40 Jaguar Sport, maybe as far back as 2016 or so. Appearing on the Forum for that model, prolifically posting on there .... Only to sell it and buy it back, then to sell it again .... Then to buy this latest Cortina. Hey ho ....
  14. Ah yes, well done indeed. From memory, I think you may well have a rather nice mk5 in there (well known to this forum) somewhere too
  15. I've got to say I've spent most of my car owning career trying to find a good "Bodyshop" .... And for what you're looking, for I pass on my sincerest condolences. A top quality respray alone is something of a "minefield" ....
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