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  1. As far as I know the hex shaft is a separate part from either the "dizzy" or the oil pump. if my memory serves, the auxiliary drive from the timing belt drives the "dizzy" and that in turn drives the oil pump via the hex shaft. I'd imagine IF the "dizzy" had seized, its likely the cam / timing belt may have stripped some of its teeth (wouldn't it ?) I now note the comment regarding the "dizzy" ? I wonder what's actually faulty with it ?
  2. Its worth noting you can if you want (especially with larger output capacity) convert to the "eyelet" type of connector ..............
  3. I'm not too sure I can understand having large amounts of folding tied up in cars. its another heady debate for sure and one that's run and run before and I suspect will again.
  4. Yes of course you may Shadow. It was over three decades ago now and I don't do secret's.. (you could find out anyway, I imagine. The car was advertised in the Club magazine) I bought 10H in February 1988 for 2k (££'s) and sold again in July 1990 for approximately 3.5k (££'s). As an aside, I believe the car resold again in or around 1998, for another couple of "k's" on top of that. I enjoyed owning the car very much indeed. Though I have to say it was (and I imagine still is) a white 1600E with a lovely and unique history. I did "offer" it to the Haynes motor Museum at Sparkford https://www.haynesmotormuseum.com/ although nothing came of my two separate approaches.
  5. Believe it or not the vendor values the car "north" of 50k (£££'s) they've indicated an independent valuation at this figure along with an engineers inspection, not sure exactly when. I don't personally feel this car will achieve this figure in the near future and whenever it does I doubt, somehow, it would be someone from the "Cortina community" who'd be an eventual purchaser. As commented elsewhere its a white 1600E Cortina with an interesting, unique, history, (not sure whether it actually accompanies to car ? Press photographs and so on) and "decals" connected to a Sporting event, known as the World Cup.
  6. Past Parts get my thumbs up too. Used them a few times now and wouldn't hesitate to in the future.
  7. There's one on "Facebook Marketplace" ...........................
  8. Possibly a little optimistic with the "asking" though . I remember it just after it was freshly restored at Symonds Yat in or around 1999. Obviously two decades have passed since I well suspect its "get the spanners out again"
  9. Here's the advert for Peter Osgood's car ... I'm not sure the vendor is ready to sell, just yet ...... https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1391059
  10. Hard to say from this distance .... I'd guess and suggest "rattle can". Quite a good job, (probably LOTS of rattle cans)
  11. Nope. In a nutshell its possible the Starter you now have isn't the same (or the Solenoid at least) as the "old" one.
  12. Ah right I "know" this car and a few others in the GWC series (1970 World Cup Cars, I owned 10H for a while). Straight out off the keyboard I'd suggest around £15k, likely northwards of that. The car was restored in the 1990's if my memory serves and looked very "fresh and well done" when finished.
  13. I feel the opportunity of a long time (lifetime) knocking here. Without seeing the cars a blind guess is all I could offer and somehow, I don't think that's the right thing to do.
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