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  1. Think I have one from a Sierra XR4x4. It's a aluminium one, if I still got it. From a LHD car.
  2. I Think I have such a one, it´s from a early Granada Mk3 (Scorpio over here), around 1986-87. Can post a pic. It´s a very heavy thing in cast iron...
  3. Are you converting from LHD to RHD? Pedalbox is the same. Door handle to, just switch sides.
  4. mr Costin

    mk1 cortina

    711M engine is slightly wider, I use to slot the mounting holes in the crossmember, engine will sit a couple of mm higher, but I have never had problems from doing like that.
  5. Fully understandable shipping costs considdered.
  6. I will get you pics, pm your email please.
  7. I have a set without dents, will sell the set for right between 0 and 200, plus carriage to UK.
  8. I have two in reasonable condition, one to compleete Daves 4 into a full set and the other for brook shaw?
  9. I have chrome ones in good condition.
  10. I have 2nd hand one. Guess carriage to uk will be costly.
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