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  1. For sale 2 door Corsair GT, light blue with blue interior, car off the road for many years, all correct parts in place, NOS front wings and front panel included in sale not sold separately. Car is LHD and located in Sweden. Shipping to UK can be arranged. Genuine GT with tachometer on steering column, very rare car! £5000 + shipping Send PM with your email for pics.
  2. Its not called export spec, its called heavy duty.
  3. Looking for a set of aluminim dash trim pieces for a early 1962-1963 Consul Cortina deluxe. Must be from a RHD car please. No radio cut outs or extra holes please. Like this: https://images.app.goo.gl/iHhcevfnmesQdQ4r5
  4. O yes, they are not the best quality, I have experienced the same. Had a urgent need for a set a couple of weeks ago. This time there are no (what do you call it) reinforcement wires in them, have fear that they will go baloon if hot. I have come across a company in Taiwan that make REALLY nice hoses in small series, smallest order is 20 units. I am collecting NOS hoses and will go forward with a order to them in a near future when I have a full set of hoses. Will do all for Mk1 and Mk2 eventually.
  5. Thank you all! Alot less work leaving the rack on! 💤 I just have to get used to it. Will sort the brakes asap and get it MOTed for the last time. A big show coming up here first weekend in august we will attend, got have it ready by then!
  6. Interior is ok but not top
  7. Thank you all for positive comments.Rack is a Volvo for the 1970's estate cars. it makes the car stand out even more than it does by it self, beeing a very rare car over here. I will post more pics soon.
  8. Got myself a 1970 Estate saturday, One of two registered in Sweden. Good condition, runs but dont stop, needs brake work. Problem (or not?) is that it has a very American style roof rack. Shall I leave it on or get rid of it? It is screwed to the roof panel, some 20 screws meaning some 20 holes...
  9. how to turn an old car back to new again! Amazing work and thanks for sharing! Looking at the pics I see one more in the background... are you working on two at the same time?
  10. Yes, column change and separate seats, will put a bench in it, eventually...
  11. Doubtful, yes indeed. The side trim and chrome around the side windows looks like export GT but that was also fitted to the super. I try to see screw holes for the centrenconsole brackts, but I can not see any in the pictures, nor the under dash handbrake. Difficult to see on the pics of the engine bay if there are any handbrake stuff there. All GT facelift has the radius arms on the rear axle, big brakes and casted track control arms. The VIN is a joke. If it is a UK built car, as it indicates by the BA then it shall say 77 and then E for 1965 and F for 1966. A 1964 built car has Z for UK and then 77 and D for 1964. Facelift production started august 1964 so it is possible that a facelift might have been registered in 1964. Finally: the braces in the engine bay mentioned is NOT an export item and shall not be called export braces. They are fitted to heavy duty shells and can be found in all kind of mk1 Cortinas around the world EXCEPT in a Lotus Cortina! Here (Sweden) we never had heavy duty shells, Norway had some mainly earlier cars but can be found in a -66 car as well. Same goes for Finland, fitted to some cars. The braces are listed in the parts list but not pictured, as an item fitted to heavy duty cars.
  12. My 1966 1500 deluxe automaic We took it to the mk1 oc grand nats in 2012. Original car except for the 5,5 rims.
  13. Think I have one from a Sierra XR4x4. It's a aluminium one, if I still got it. From a LHD car.
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