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  1. still have the manifold, the rest has gone
  2. still need this, think mk1 granada may have a similar part also
  3. thanks mate 👌🏻
  4. i cant find anything listed on there mate
  5. i urgently need the clip that holds the handrake lever to the shoe for the drivers side. as pictures with the spring attached
  6. ItsGelyTime

    Mk5 Bits

    ill have bonnet mech mate please and come back to youat the weekend on the bumper bracket as ive hopefully now got a full set 👌🏻
  7. ItsGelyTime

    Mk5 Bits

    yes mate wire bit and plate
  8. ItsGelyTime

    Mk5 Bits

    Also.... Chrome trim from a pillar on drivers side
  9. im fitting a zetec with a bits and bobs clutch setup so would rather just have manual adjustment
  10. full ashley mk3/4/5 pinto exhaust good condition. selling as no longer needed. Collection from Boston Lincs, PE21 May post at cost but would rather its collected.
  11. ItsGelyTime

    Mk5 Bits

    nearly finished putting my mk5 back together, just need a few final little bits.... Front main bumper brackets Rear bumper brackets Bonnet catch mech. (got striker pin and cable)
  12. im after a non ratchet type clutch pedal for my mk5, or even if theres a similar alternative? thanks in advance
  13. how much for both 2.8 engines? also a pair of mk3 wings?
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