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  1. hi Allan, if you accept cheques, i am looking for 3 pair. i have a 16E series 1, a lotus series 1 and a very early 2 dr series 1 that i want to modify. i can get a cheque in the post tomorrow if you send your address and who the cheque is made out to.


    mark taylor

  2. Alan J


    PayPal is fine. Pm me with your address and I will send details Alan
  3. Alan J


    These are a pair of Backing/strengthening plates that are welded to the chassis rail opposite the Radius Arm Bracket on the Mk2 Lotus & GT I'm not sure if they fit the Mk1 but I can supply with holes blanked if required. They are £22.00 a pair plus £2.85 p&p I have 8 pairs left out of a batch that I knocked up using a purpose made jig, all from an original pattern from my Lotus mk2 series 1
  4. Well worth fitting a tracker unit these days! Cheap enough on eBay! you can get a decent unit fot £70 ish. Won't stop anyone stealing your car, but you can pin point it's position very quickly. Imagine catching and shaming these scumbags!!!
  5. I've got a rover v8 complete with 5 speed gearbox, came out of a cortina! Exhaust system with cherry bombs as well! Good runner. It's a lighter more powerful option than the v6. Pm me if interested?
  6. You've practically answered the question your self. Count the number of teeth on the crown and divide by the number of teeth on the pinion. Simples
  7. Alan J

    mk1 panels wanted

    Hi all, looking for inner wheelhouse tubs, both sides, will consider used but prefer new! and outer sills, both sides, new only.
  8. Thanks guys, I will let you know how I get on. Alan
  9. Hi all, Does anyone out there insure more than one vehicle under a single premium? I am starting to restore my collection of Cortina's and looking to group them for insurance purposes
  10. Can I have the Bezels and the steering wheel centres please
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