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  1. Hi I'm wanting to fit Capri MK3 twin headlights to my MK4 has anyone done this? And if so how? Cheers guys!
  2. Hi quick question ❓ will a mk3 inner wing fit a mk4 without too much alteration. Thanks
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, forgot my log in details... Have you still got it?
  4. Ok will do thanks....
  5. Hi does anybody know if there is a lot of difference between the mk3 inner wing and the mk4? (driverside) They look the same, and I can get a mk3 one cheaper than a mk4 one....or does anybody have a inner wing without chassis section....
  6. Hi does anybody know where I can get a driverside inner wing without chassis section for a mk4 cortina and the A panel same side? Cheers 🍻
  7. Hi I'm wanting to fit mk5 wing mirrors to my mk4, I know I have to swap the doors as it bulges out where the mk4 chrome ones go....which doors would be right as mk4 and mk5 have differences. Any advice would be great. Thanks Jim
  8. Hi all!!! hopefully someone can help me out with my mk4 project,has anybody got a driverside inner wing? Preferably without chassis section.... Been quoted 300 for one but it's a bit much for me. Any help or advice would be great.
  9. Hi all I'm trying to get hold of a pair of mk5 wings and a pair of front doors off a mk5 estate to go onto my mk4 cortina project.... I will be selling a good pair of wings to fit mk4 and a pair of doors off mk4 to fund.
  10. Hi all quick question did the 1977 mk4 Cortina have rear seatbelts or are they an aftermarket item? As mine hasn't got any... Cheers Jim
  11. Hi has anyone got a pair of wiper arms to fit a mk4 Cortina please....cheers in advance 😊
  12. Hi has anyone got a ignition and lock set to fit a mk4 Tina?? Any help would be great thanks in advance
  13. Hi mate have you by any chance got a n\s front window for a mk4 Tina and a set of wing mirrors...thanks in advance jim

  14. jdodds

    Cortina mk4

    Hi all,has anyone got a passenger side front window and also a set of wing mirrors and door cards...im located in Mexborough south Yorkshire...pm me at bigbobski@live.com or threw here... Thanks in advance 😊
  15. Hi how easy is it to replace the roof skin as my roof is rotting round aftermarket sunroof.i have found a complete new roof out of a non sunroof model that I could buy. Other idea was to weld the sunroof up and have a vinyl roof fitted to hide it. What would you do? ????
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